How to refuel during these Restricted Movement Order(RMO)?


I was wondering how can we refuel during these 2 weeks of Restricted Movement Order going on. Anyone has any ideas?


i dont think there any issue on refuel the petrol as we have the permission to go out but only one person for each family.


i had fill up the fuel last day because i need to go for work as i am working in supermarket. only one person per family to be outside. only need be careful with the surrounding due to covid 19…


why ?as normal refuel petrol. There is no shut down of petrol station for the 2weeks


there is no shut down of petrol station , may go pump petrol anytime , its allow 1 people go out only .Are you means the virus may thru petorl pump handle . Your concern is correct .


I think they just reduced the operating hours, from 24 hours to 12 hours only, and it is safe for us to stay at home, and right now quite serious to everyone…


Really, but the announcement ald make?? because what i know that petrol station might be close for certain period right?? the price have been drop and compare with last time, current is terrible cheap


Wow, so if we go for petrol and i have two car, how can i deal with it??


just go to petrol station as usual as you do but do take precaution as the corona virus are everywhere.


what youre doing with both car during rmo? but still you can refuel by take turn on both car. then settle your problem.


no other big issue , as normal pump petrol moreover just 1 person to go out only.


one by one to pump the petrol . Just during this period might tough abit , sooner and later will be back to normal provided all are cooperate in order to fight the COVID-19


dont think has issue on refuel petrol , just be more precaution on the it ,after pump petrol , since the handle been holding by other peoples


Even is cheap on the price ,there is other way for u to go even back home town ,also been blocked.
by the way , since there has COVID -19, we still precaution on the virus , as it is invisible virus.


any idea can prevent during pump petrol, eg doesnt queue up for proceed payment ,or go counter to pay ? heard on SETEL apps , its seems good as does not need go counter proceed payment even sit in the car .


wow, i am so worry about it?? because i need to work currently, and need to fill up my petrol and i dont want touch anything during i pump the petrol, how can save no need to queue up ?? i am so worry about it


Setel?? can we check the fuel price from the apps?? cause we really need to keep check the weekly price??


Right now is very dangerous, spend some time with parent too, then i can no need queue at counter for petrol, save time to accompany with my parent


so no need to bring the cash with you anymore right…good system to reduce time consuming at petrol station…


yeah the time operate were shorten than before…the most appropriate time shpuld be in the morning or noon and try to avoid the crowd petrol station…