How to refuel during these Restricted Movement Order(RMO)?


is there any affected on refuelling , dont think so


yes,but how to precaution on the corona, as said the pump handle has much more virus due to alot of ppl been holding it before .


wear hand glove pump petrol , but also need queue to pay the petrol


Just now i look at the news they mention we only come fill up the petrol during morning till 4 o olock afternoon , and we only can stay at outside 40 mint only , not enough time to fill petrol


wow this setel really can help us, then i dont want to touch any money , cause too dangerous, full of virus


rather than focusing only on ino more time consuming, im glad heard that it cashless. good to hear that no more bring the cash with me.


yea that what news stated. however it useless to fill up becos you have nowhere to go since RMO had been announced


Besides that, do u know the apps really can keep track the petrol price every week?? the reason why i keep track actually i am looking for the cheaper oil for the week hahahaa


Is so good to hear from your, this setel apps, so important right now for we using this during this mco


its safe for reducing operating time as to avoid people being outside for a long. its more better if the time spend at petrol can be reduce too.


maybe call for the pump attendant if they have it…if not you dont have any choice other than self service…hand sanitizer is a solution after you touch anything…


nah its nice to try it…never thought that will be such apps…does it apply to all petrol station??


thumb up for such improvement of petrol station. btw setel can be use on any station of petrol? becos my home area does not much choice of petrol.


use hand sanitizer after use the nozzle pump. or you may wash ur hand after use the nozzle but it is not convenient when youre outside.


the petrol is much much cheaper now. but the sad thing none of people really use the car right now due to pkp. but hoping that price will be remain as the time goes.


just now the news stated that petrol only operates till 8pm…it a good solution to reduce the time people going outside…the petrol station is one of risk place actually…


no doubt. it is a must. i just download after people kept talked about it. hope by this, the spreading of the virus can be reduce.


the most important the women are being protected by this because no need to bring money anymore…and good for people who always forgot their wallet hahah…no need to worries anymore because people will not forget their phone…