Mobile Data Hack: How to bypass webe Internet tethering block & tether limit?


Just curious, has anyone figured out how to bypass webe tether block and phone to PC tethering limit? As webe plan is unlimited, it would be good if we can share the internet with our computers, laptops, tablets or even other smart phones.

A Google search reveals that there are many hacks shared online on how to bypass internet tether block on Three (a telco in UK), just curious if anyone has tried some of the tricks and which one is working for webe network in Malaysia?

Basically, these are the tricks or hacks shared onlines by Three subscribers, I have no idea if it work or not to unblock the webe tethering limit:

How to bypass webe hotspot internet tether block?

  • Change the official APN settings to another APN by the same network that does not implement tether block.
  • Root your Android phone to enable USB debugging (Developer Options > USB Debugging) so that PC can tether to phone via USB.
  • Install mobile apps like FoxFi and install browser add-on or plugin like User Agent Switcher and change the computer Internet browser’s user agent to be the same as mobile phone’s user agent so that the network thought you are browsing the web from a mobile phone.
  • Use the simcard in a mobile router device (MiFi)

Please share your tips or links if you manage to hack webe to share your unlimited Internet data with your Mac, Macbook, laptop etc. Thanks!


Is this legal? Will webe charge your use of data during tether as it was clear in the marketing of their only plan that you need to pay RM6 for 2 hours of data tethering?

Celcom, U Mobile, Maxis & Digi Unlimited Internet Data Hack

I understand as consumers we always try to get the best value for the money we pay. I am also aware that there are many people actually hacking DiGi, Maxis, Celcom, U Mobile etc for unlimited Internet. Just Google search Digi Unlimited Internet or Maxis Unlimited Data and you will get what I mean. In fact, many of them are selling the tricks on Facebook page and WhatsApp or Telegram group.

There are also risks involved using the some of the hacks mentioned above. For example, rooting your device might void your original warranty, make it less secure security wise and more prone to hack etc. Besides, changing your computer Safari, Firefox or Chrome’s user agent info to be the same as your phone is actually not that safe when you perform banking transaction or online payment. For example, PayPal will detect that and won’t let you do any transaction due to suspicion of security hack.

I just want to share my two cents for your understanding. I am also curious about how others think on bypassing webe tether limit. Share your points of view please!


webe On-Demand Tethering Pass Is Inactive

Spread the data around.

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Hi. Im not sure if this work, but it works for me on Umobile GX30. What you’re basically doing is you’re configuring your Computer to trick you ISP into thinking that your computer data is a phone data therefore treating it under your unlimited quota and not considered tethering. If you’re truly interested, you can ask me and ill guide you through it… I’ve been running it for 1 year now. No problems


I want to know how to do it please guide me


hello zhant, i would like to know how. can u teach me?


This step would depend on how many devices you have between your computer and the simcard (routers, modems, etc).
The default TTL(Time-to-live) value of an android phone is 64. However on windows and Mac it is much higher. So you will need to change it.

For Windows, launch CMD in administrator mode, and key in the following.

netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=x

for Mac pls Google how to change TTL on mac, for I am a Windows user.

x is the value that you will need to enter.

If you plug the sim into a 4G router, and connect your computer via WiFi or ethernet cable, the value of x would be 66. For every extra device between the 4G router and your computer, +1 to the value of x.

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hi…how to do it…guide me please step by step


Pls refer to the post I may before this.

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dint work for me… run cmd as admin- type this netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=66 and press enter… right?


How is the simcard connected to your computer?