NGV can reduce our fuel cost?


eh no la. my dad use audi Q5 and he said yang minyak jimat kalau nak banding dengan bmw. hmm idk


yes, its true. petrol lagi mahal but it can save our time bcs takyah la nak tunggu lama macam isi gas


are u sure no power? habistu kenapa still banyak org guna eh?


same with me. my dad use audi also but Q7 and he said the same thing too. i guess ada kereta besar yang jimat minyak and ada yang tak kot?


isi gas tu lama sangat ke eh? tapi selama ni kalau pergi stesen minyak, driver taxi tu memang lama la isi gas tu ha. pastu beratur panjang pulak masing2 beratur tunggu nak isi gas. bazir masa dah kat situ hmm


i did tried petron and i think it is good and more power


agreed , but might u all cn try out petronas as well
bcz currently they have a apps to fuel petrol actually …
i have used 2 times not bad …u guys should give a try n see


sorry ? app , what application is that?
how come using app cn fuel petrol ??
is tht website something like bonuslink or what ?


yup, totally… if it have many traffic jam, petrol also cannot be save


I just don’t have any hope in fuel saving, just use mesra kad redeem some points, see whether can redeem big prize or not


Now not need to use mesra kad to redeem the points, use setel apps can settle it ald


i knew it b4, but i scare use fon at petrol station is dangerous


if you use phone before or after you pump the petrol, it’s safe…dont worry


Oic, thought cannot use fon at petrol station, then it can help many unconvenient things


not only more convenient, it also can become more safe


yup, for sure, sometimes when midnight i’m not brave to go pump petrol, now it is not the problem


U may try shell , i feel ok. Since both station are always next to each others. I did tried before BH , its seems more power .


Its depends ppl selection . Diff ppl diff opinion . I am using Petrol


yes . jam is totally waste petrol . However , in malaysia all the way also jam de …


are u sure? bukan tak boleh guna langsung ke bila sampai petrol pump? hm i scare to use phone at petrol station