50 Malaysian Taxi Drivers are Violent Gangsters Attacking Uber Driver

Malaysia: 50 Taxi Drivers Attack Single Uber Ride, Injuring Driver and Iranian Passenger

It appears that Malaysian taxi drivers are proving it once again that they are violent gangsters, and do not deserve sympathy in their pleas against companies like Uber.

50 taxi drivers attacked an Uber car in an incident that left a female tourist, who were traveling in the ride at KL Sentral yesterday.

According to China Press via FMT, the incident happened on Monday morning, where the Iranian couple who had just touched-down in Malaysia, were using the Uber service.

50 taxi drivers who were ‘hiding’ in KL Sentral, presumably with the intent to find and attack ride-hailing services such as Uber or Grab, made their move as soon as the Iranian couple entered the vehicle.

The mob pulled the driver and the couple out of the car, before using rocks to break the car window. The injured tourist were taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment.

Kuala Lumpur traffic police chief ACP Nazri Hussain was quoted saying the is considered a criminal case, and had been handed over to the CID for investigation.

“As long as the victim can prove the suspects intentionally did what they did, the police will investigate and will not let go of the related parties,” he said.

He further warned taxi drivers not to use violence in their case against Uber and Grab drivers, and would be penalised if they are caught.

Outside of Malaysia, many countries are seeing similar cases as well, where Uber drivers are being attacked by taxi drivers, mainly because the service offers passengers much better prices, as well as convenience and service.

While not all drivers behave as such, violent actions such as these are actually painting companies like Uber as the victim, pulling taxi drivers away from their pleas to end such services – whom they claim are killing their business.

Source: The Coverage