7-Eleven Slurpee Machines Always Out of Service

While 7-Eleven Malaysia have slurpee promotions from time to time, it is very frustrating that most slurpee machines at your nearby 7-eleven stores are down or broken. As a result, you could not take advantage of the promotions and enjoy the benefit as a customer.

Recently 7-Eleven has a promotion of RM1 Slurpee (12oz) from April to May 2016 and a lot of customers are complaining on this issue:

Munir Neal: Mesin rosak je. X payah nak promo sancta. Bukit dahlia. Pasir gudang

Marco Marco: many stores in PJ slurpee machine always rosak…

Qye Wada: mesin rosak je , buat pe buat promo rm1 konon , klo aq pi 7e tgk ade sign mesin rosak haaa siap laa mesin uhh aq tambah rosankan lgii

Rahman Sewel: ap ny asyik nk buat promote . x yah la buat . dtng2 tngok harga sma je . mesin x rosak harga mcm dlu . kluang

Padin John: G sebenleben Mesin Rosak

銘銘: mesin rosak oi !!!

Shafie Hj Shaari: Xyah buat promo la woiii…mesin manjang rosak je…

Annur Amirah: mesin slurpee slalu rosak… xpyh promote sgt la…

From the many complaints, it seems like the machine out of service issue is very widespread affecting many 7-Eleven stores nationwide and not specific to just one or two isolated 7-Eleven stores in the whole Malaysia.

7-Eleven Malaysia: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Munir. We’ve directed your feedback to our operations team for further action. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience and understanding as we have this sort out.