A 20-year-old Student Suffered Injury During Sunway Pyramid Escalator Incident - Management Then Blames Misuse of Escalator by Shoppers as the Cause


Stanley Lai‎: 听说刚刚在SUNWAY PYRAMID那边的电梯位又发生了一宗意外,一位女生的小腿也因此受了伤。。。



Sunway Pyramid: Dear Shoppers,

Today at around 4pm, a shopper was injured as a result of an escalator incident. The shopper is being given medical treatment. We are currently investigating the situation and will update on any findings as soon as we get confirmed details.

For more information, call 03-7494 3100/3102 or email us at pyramidcares@sunway.com.my



欲知更多相关资讯,请联络03-74943100/3102 或电邮到pyramidcares@sunway.com.my


Sunway Pyramid: Dear Shoppers,

As investigation continues on the escalator incident that took place around 3.45pm on 5th March, the Management of Sunway Pyramid reassures that the 20-year-old student involved is currently receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. The management truly wishes her speedy recovery and we will be responsible for her care.

During investigation, findings have shown that there had been misuse to the escalator prior to the incident, including baby strollers that affected the safety of the escalator.

Sunway Pyramid assures that all escalators in the mall have been following a strict schedule for maintenance with OTIS and the Department of Occupational Safety & Health and that our customers’ safety is always a priority.

Moving forward, Sunway Pyramid will be installing unipoles at all escalator take-offs and landings to curb strollers, trolleys, wheelchairs or any form of similar items from the escalator. We are truly sorry for the shocking experience for everyone and we appreciate your concern and feedback.



根据调查结果,在发生事故之前,手扶梯的安全性曾被一些外来的因素所影响, 其中包括婴儿车。

双威金字塔所有手扶梯都遵守OTIS和Department of Occupational Safety & Health 的严格规定,顾客的安全绝对是我们最重视的。

往后, 商场内所有的手扶梯将安装安全柱子以防止婴儿车、轮椅、手推车或任何类似物品使用。



Mysara Ong: Baby stroller cause of that i don’t believe?? In case like that Make sure all your lift only for parents with baby stroller, wheelchair not for someone who can used escalator using a lift…bcuz all parents cannot stand traffic jam in the lift waiting for hours to get to one floor only…thats is the reason why all parents with baby stroller used escalator!!

Carmen Leong: The escalator is in staircase form for a reason. Parents will have to risk the fact that when strollers are being used at a staircase form escalotor, the stroller may fall backward or forward, causing the infant/ kid sitting in the stroller to suffer unnecessary injuries. It’s really not the best idea for parents to save that few steps walking to the lift, instead of having to risk their babies. Lift are meant to be used for trolleys/ stroller/ wheelchair for all these while. It’s true that people who can use escalotor uses the lift for the wrong purpose. In this case, I will clearly state that escalotors are NOT meant to be used for strollers/ wheelchairs/ trolley. If parents insist of using the escalotor despite knowing that it is dangerous, the other way is to carry the baby and have someone to fold the stroller/ carry the stroller off the escalotor and continue to use the stroller after the family lands. Busy mall/ busy lift shall not be the reason for parents to risk their babies just because of their own convinience. Im not a mother of one but sometimes when I see parents forcefully push their stroller onto a staircase form escalotor, im worried for the baby as well. What if the parents did not hold it properly and it decided to fall backward/forward? It will not only harm the baby but also all other who uses the escalotor at that moment. Moreover, there are warnings everywhere beside the escalotors saying that strollers are not allowed but yet people are doing it. When incident like this happen everyone put the blame on the mall while not reflecting on what they normally did to all these escalotors.

To be fair, people who are able to use the escalotor should also leave the lift alone for those who need it. Walking a few more steps will not harm at all!