AirAsia Pick A Seat / Premium Flatbed 50% Fares Discount Booking Until 21 May (Travel: 5 September 2017 - 8 February 2018) | HARGA RUNTUH

AirAsia Malaysia Flight Ticket Lower Fares 50% Discount Offer Pick A Seat & Premium Flatbed Promotion

Just when you thought our fares could not be any lower, we’re giving you a promo that would give you #FOMO! Get as much as 50% OFF on our fares when you book online now! #AirAsia

Booking Period: NOW till 21 May 2017 Travel Period: 5 Sep 2017 till 8 Feb 2018

Travel Notes
  • Advanced booking required.
  • Discount will not be available during peak periods.
  • Discount is not applicable to Premium Flex and Value Pack.
  • Discount is available on selected fare classes only.
  • Discount is applicable to base fares only.
  • For more information on Pick A Seat, read our FAQ.

What’s the AirAsia Pick A Seat & Premium Flatbed promo all about?

Our promotion allows you to enjoy up to 50% Off base fares for all destinations even when you upgrade to Premium Flatbed or Pick A Seat. It’s that simple!

Simply follow these simple steps to enjoy the discount:

  1. Pick your preferred flight departure & arrival.
  2. Select the dates stated in the promo travel period.
  3. Choose your preferred flight.
  4. Alternately, you can choose to upgrade to Premium Flatbed or Pick A Seat and still enjoy up to 50% Off base fares.
  5. You’re done!
FAQ (Pick A Seat) Q: What is the Up to 50% Off Pick A Seat campaign? A: It is a campaign which gives guests up to 50% Off when they Pick A Seat during their flight booking.

Q: How long will the campaign run for? A: The campaign will run from 15 May 2017, 0001 hours (GMT +8) till 21 May 2017, 2359 hours (GMT +8).

Q: What is the travel period for this campaign? A: The travel period for this campaign starts from 5 September 2017, 0001 hours (GMT +8) till 8 February 2018, 2359 hours (GMT +8).

Q: How can I participate in this campaign? A: To enjoy the discounts, guests have to Pick A Seat during their flight booking.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in this campaign?

  • This promotion is applicable to all AirAsia guests.
  • Upgrading existing seats will not be entitled for this promotion during this booking and travel period.
Q: Who can I contact for more information? A: Kindly contact our Live Chat Team via Live Chat at, tweet the AskAirAsia team at or write to us by completing the e-Form at

Note: Prices shown for Pick A Seat during flight booking is the discounted price.

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