AirAsia Worst Airline in Malaysia for Cancelling & Delaying Flights

Hundreds of passengers fume after cancellations, delays ground AirAsia flights

KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of AirAsia passengers were left fuming yesterday following a raft of flight cancellations and delays by the low-cost carrier.

It was understood that the flight cancellations and delays involved not only local destinations, but also those abroad.

Among the routes which experienced delays or cancellations yesterday included Hong Kong and some destinations in India.

One Facebook user Latha Ravi, took to social media to vent her frustration over her flight’s cancellation.

According to her posting, AirAsia had only informed her about the cancellation three hours prior to the flight’s scheduled depature.

“How are you going to compensate for loss of hotel night and stress of rebooking?” she asked.

Another user, Clementine Windisch said, “First they promise you to refund your money, then they do not respond on your requests anymore.

“No one feels responsible, it’s an eternal circulation," said Windisch.

A similar situation had occurred in December last year, with a series of lengthy delays affecting AirAsia flights. The problem had been blamed on a “flu epidemic” which apparently saw 12 pilots take sick leave.

In a statement late last night, AirAsia confirmed that it had been experiencing flight disruptions.

However, the airline would not comment on the cause of the delays and cancellations.

"AirAsia confirms that we have been experiencing some flight disruptions since Saturday evening which had caused inconveniences to our guests.

"This is highly regretted and we are working to normalise our operations and reduce these disruptions.

All affected guests are being informed accordingly and necessary assistance are being provided.

AirAsia sincerely apologises for the inconveniences caused."

Source: New Strait Times Online

AirAsia: Hi everyone, this is highly regretted and we are working to normalise our operations and reduce these disruptions.

We sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused.

Aneesh John: Yes air Asia provided best necessary assistance

  1. stay in airport corridor
  2. no foods and drinks
  3. no time for next flight
  4. issued boarding pass after 1 -2 days
  5. boarding pass to near country instead of home town
  6. abusive and shouting from staff

Goh Ah Leng: My flights to Medan had been cancelled twice. Saturday flight cancelled, rescheduled to Sunday morning flight, again Sunday morning flight cancelled. Now reschedule to Sunday evening flight. Hopefully not cancelled again. We had paid hotel booking in Medan and Tour package and stay one night in Airport Hotel. Do you think all this expenses can claim back from Airasia?

Abdullah Dinsuhaimi: Thank you for the bad experience. I have three small kids and the wife is due for her important examination in Kota Bharu. You guys rocked our day, we had to spend a night at the overated RM270/night Tune Hotel.

Please have your crisis management properly planned. I hope we dont have to fly with Air Asia ever again.