Baskin Robbins FREE Ice Cream Upsize: Single Regular Upgraded to King Scoop, Pint 109g More & Quart Extra 218g Until 30 April 2017

Malaysia Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Promo

Baskin Robbins Malaysia April Fool's Free More Ice Cream Upgrade Promotion

Now you have more choices and more ice cream to indulge your days during this April Fool's month
  • It's free upgrade, means you only pay a Single Regular Scoop price to get a King Scoop.
  • Promotion is valid from 1 ~ 30 Apr 2017. King Scoop have 28gm more ice-cream compare to Sg. Reg. Scoop. The original price of King Scoop is RM14.50, and you have option to have the King Scoop serve in freshly baked waffle cone, or cup.
  • "King Scoop has 28gm more ice-cream compare to Sg.Reg. Scoop.", meaning, Sg. Reg = 113gm (4oz), King Scoop = 141gm (5oz) , thus with the King Scoop itself you will get the "extra 28gm" (In total 141gm (5oz)), option for you choose serving in Waffle Cone or cup.
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