Beware of taxi drivers refusing to use meter and overcharging extrobilant fares


This is the solid reason why you should use Grab / Uber instead of hailing a taxi from the street. Too many people including locals have been cheated by these taxi drivers for far too many times in the past. That’s why many of us in Klang Valley now take Grab and Uber instead of regular taxi almost all the time.

KL cabbie charged RM800 for 6km trip, French tourists claim

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 22 ― A taxi driver here drove two French tourists to Putrajaya and back, charging them RM800 for the ride when they simply wanted to hop from the KLCC to the National Mosque, the women have claimed.

One of the victims, identified only as Sarah and in her 30s, said they hailed the driver at the shopping mall and asked him to take them to the mosque, one of the city’s main tourist spots.

She then claimed that the driver, who refused to switch on his fare meter, then took them on the detour.

After the incident around 6pm on Saturday, the two French nationals lodged a report with the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), providing the taxi’s registration number and a photo of the taxi driver.

“The victim claimed the taxi driver involved instead took them to Putrajaya first before going to the National Mosque.

“Upon arriving at the National Mosque, the taxi driver forced the victims to pay RM800,” a SPAD spokesman was quoted saying by local daily Harian Metro, adding that the tourists paid the sum out of fear.

Citing the information received, the SPAD spokesman said the taxi driver had taken advantage of the tourists by using a further route when the distance between KLCC and Masjid Negara was only six kilometres.

“Spad is now tracking down the taxi driver involved for further action. Such actions affects the country’s image in the eyes of foreign tourists,” the spokesman added.

The Harian Metro report did not specify the type of taxis used by the two French women.

According to the taxi rate and fare schedule on SPAD’s website, the fees charged would differ based on the type of taxis used ― budget, Teksi1Malaysia (Teks1m) and executive ― and its estimates can be calculated either based on the time or distance travelled.

For a budget taxi that comes with a RM3 flag fall inclusive of the first kilometre and RM0.25 for each subsequent 200 metres travelled, the estimated cost for a six-kilometre journey would be RM9.25.

As for Teks1m with a RM4 flag fall and RM0.30 charge for each subsequent 200 metres, the same journey would cost an estimated RM11.50.

The executive taxis with a RM6 flag fall and RM0.20 charge for each subsequent 100 metre travelled would mean that a six kilometre trip costs an estimated RM16.

Even accounting for the alleged detour to Putrajaya which could mean an estimated distance of between 69km to 78km to get to Masjid Negara, a budget taxi’s estimated fares would come up to between RM88 and RM99.25, inclusive of flag fall.

The estimated cost using Teks1m would come up to between RM106 and RM119.50, while for the estimated fares using executive taxis would be between RM142 and RM160.

The alleged incident comes even as taxi services face stiff competition from ride-sharing services Uber and Grab that both calculate fares upfront.

Source: Malay Mail Online

Taxi Driver Scam: KLIA to Segambut Costed RM1,334 Taxi Fares


Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2017 – Following investigations into a complaint by a tourist who was charged RM800 by a taxi driver for a journey from KLCC to Masjid Negara, Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) has revoked the taxi owner’s Operator’s Licence and vehicle permit. SPAD will also pursue court action against the operator. If found guilty the operator will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment and the vehicle is liable for forfeiture. In addition, the individual has been blacklisted from securing an Operator’s Licence in the future.

The revocation of the Operator’s License and Vehicle Permit was carried out as the Operator was found to have contravened conditions imposed under Section 22 of the Land Public Transport Act 2010 (the Act) which states that only a legal driver registered with SPAD may provide services and requires the mandatory usage of meters for budget taxi fares, as well as the provision of receipts. Moreover, both drivers registered under the Operator’s Licence in question had not renewed their Driver’s Cards upon expiry, which indicates that they were not interested to continue as taxi service providers.

During SPAD’s investigation, the Operator’s Licence holder was unable to produce the vehicle for inspection as he claimed that the taxi was being driven by another individual. The vehicle in question however, has been found with a false registration number and was confiscated by SPAD under Section 81 of the Act. SPAD had prior to that lodged a police report to locate the illegal driver during the time of the incident.

SPAD issues a stern reminder to taxi Operator’s Licence holders to uphold licensing requirements at all times and refrain from contravening the Act. In the interest of raising the quality of taxi services in the country, the Commission will not hesitate to take action against those who flout the rules and take advantage of passengers.

Source: Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD)


Malaysian Man Shares How A Taxi Driver Almost Scammed Him For RM1,334

Taxi fare scams are very prevalent in Malaysia and one Malaysian man is extremely frustrated to have went through it. Nicholas, who is the victim of the taxi fare scam took it to social media to share his hellish experience after he was almost cheated a jaw-dropping amount of money.

According to Nicholas himself, shortly after arriving at the airport he hailed a cab outside the airport.

“I’m a Malaysian who studies in Taiwan. I just arrived in the Malaysian airport and decided to take a cab home.

“While dragging all my luggage with me, I spotted a few what looked like Uber cars. They asked me if i needed a ride. I asked how much it was to get to ‘Segambut’ and he told me it was RM150.

“I declined his offer because I know the usual price is only RM80-100.”

Nicholas then saw a red taxi and decided to ask how much it cost. “I asked him how much it cost to get to Segambut from the airport, and the driver told me it’s charged based on meter. I thought it was fine, so I hopped into the car.”

He later noticed something fishy was going on. On the dashboard of the vehicle sat a taxi meter, however it isn’t like any meter, the fare meter was covered by a thick cloth. Thinking it’s nothing worth being suspicious over, Nicholas decided to let it slide.

However, it wasn’t until arriving close to his destination that Nicholas realizes something is gravely wrong.

“The driver dropped me at a Petron station in Segambut. He said he’ll only drive here, and will not go further. He told me to get down the car and grab another taxi home.

“I only wanted to quickly go home, so I asked him how much it was. “

The driver tugged on the cloth to reveal RM1280! OMG! So I asked him how much, and he tells me RM128. I thought to myself, it’s ok, that’s only a little expensive from what they usually charge.

“After giving him the money, he asked me why did I only hand him RM130. He clicked on the calculator, showing RM1280+RM54 (Toll charge). Total was RM1334!”

He revealed that the distance between the airport and his destination is a mere 70 KM. However what’s shocking is the fact that for a mere 70 KM, the cab driver charged the poor lad A WHOOPING RM1,334. The absurdity went to a new high when the driver claimed that he followed the meter?!

JH Nicholas‎: 希望各位吹水友花幾分鐘時間看完。我是個在台灣讀書的malaysia人。今天做飛機從台灣回到malaysia。到這邊的時候已經快要9點了。由於沒人載只好塔taxi。帶著大包小包的行李從機場走出去的時候沒有看到很多taxi,就有幾個好像uber司機問我要不要搭車。我問他從機場到segambut多少錢,他說RM150。我就回答說不要,因為正常價錢最多RM80-RM100這樣而已。過後就看到一輛taxi 紅色的 我去問他機場到segambut多少錢 他說走meter。我就覺得比較正常就上車了。一上車就看到他的taxi的meter拿著塊步蓋著 我有懷疑 是做麼要蓋著,蓋著我怎樣看,過後心想應該是我多心吧,就沒管那麼多。誰知道到了segambut的petron,他說他只會到這邊 不會走了 叫我下車找其他taxi 我沒想多 只想快點回家,就問他多少錢,他拉開那塊佈我嚇到了 RM1280!靠腰,我問他,BERAPE?他就說128而已 我就說算了 貴那一點 給他吧 我拿錢給他過後 他就說做麼才給130?我倒問他,你不是說128嗎?他拿計算機出來按1280+剛才的54塊tol錢,total 1334!我問他你是不是gila 他說 沒有啊 跟著表走 我問他tol哪裡可能要到54?當我傻的啊?他說表都寫1280了+tol錢叫我快點給。我說 你要我給 可以!我打電話給我舅舅 我叫他拿錢過來 他就說不用打電話 我說不打電話我要怎樣拿錢給你 他就跟我拿台幣 我說沒有 他又跟我要500 說給500就刷刷去 我說我只有200 他說不行 最少300,我說130要你就收 ,不要我就打電話了 他就把我的行李搬出來 拿著那130在那邊唸一堆我聽不懂的東西跑了。車牌是 HWE7128 司機是個印度人。希望各位吹水友在等多久都好 別上她的車 除非你很有錢😂這張ressit是我跟她要的,他在開那塊佈之前給我這張 說價錢隨便我寫。我想report 可是又沒證據。求各位大大給小弟意見。