Buy car for my dad

Hey guys, just wondering raya is coming up soon, so I decide to buy a car for my dad after a week of raya…

is it possible the process are quick as I wanted? because I never buy any cars so I dont have an experiences at all! so, may I know the step of process and procedure? Nowadays got scammed and all that, I need to be aware too…

First you have to make sure you find trusted platform, i believe CARSOME is one of it especially if you wanted to have it before raya. their process is fast.

So far CARSOME has the fastest service, i think you might want to check them out. they hv a lot of discount n offer.

Exactly, process is very fast and easy, no fussy plus if you are inexperience in buying car, they will help you from a-z

Correct, no extra charges and they will settle everything even the paperwork.

Yea but have you heard this time raya they are doing giveaway voucher, you might want to check it out.

This raya? haven’t heard of it but sounds intresting, wht voucher issit? Can share the link for the info?

CARSOME? why don’t you just go to the nearest car dealer, and speed up the process right?

hmmm but I don’t know how to use CARSOME huhuhu

but when we use apps like this, the price must be higher than if we go to a direct dealer :roll_eyes:

I’m not aware of this. What kind of vouchers are being given out, may I ask? Seems intriguing

my friend also suggested me to use CARSOME but where can i check it?

if they will help us from A-Z, I will use CARSOME because this is my first time buying a car :slight_smile:

Do you mean CARSOME will take care of everything for us at no additional cost? Wow, it looks interesting. I figured they’d add a fee, huhu. I’ll try CARSOME, thanks!

Exactly, whatever needed we just contact their agent and they will bring the car to the nearest branch for the test drive then if u are good to go, they will settle everything Buy Used Cars Online in Malaysia - Book a Test Drive Today

Thats good bout CARSOME, they will bring the car to the nearest branch for u, 7 days a week, so you can get it at any time. even faster plus you can get it deliver once confirm, they prioritize customer timing.

You can click on this link for more info, they are doing berkat raya giveaway voucher of rm200k, CARSOME Berkat Raya - Carsome Campaigns

Everything can settle online with CARSOME, defo need to check it out. Buy Used Cars Online in Malaysia - Book a Test Drive Today