Digi Prepaid Super Long Life Plan RM38 for 365 Days Validity, RM8 for 30 Days

Digi Prepaid 365 Days Super Long Life Plan

Digi Prepaid 365 Days Super Long Life Plan Offer Promotion

Question: What are the current rates for Super Long Life, and who is eligible for it?
Answer: Kindly see above for the updated Prepaid plans that are eligible for Super Long Life, and the rates for each plan.

* Offers are for a limited time only.

Note: Effective March 2, 2017 Digi Prepaid Best 2016 will not be able to enjoy the 365 days Super Long Life plan.

How to Purchase Digi Super Long Life to Extend 30 / 365 Days Validity?

  • Dial *128*1*7*3# to access to Super Long Life menu
    • minimum balance for SLL to appear: RM69 (new best v2), RM43 (other best).
  • Dial *128*1*4# to check or change plan
    • plan changed is not reversible.
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