Digi Sided with Scam Game Company Game-Ini / Ampersand Ventures that Charges Users Without Authorization

After discovering that my account was charged RM3 for ‘gameini’ which I never authorized and have no idea what it was, I contacted Digi Live Chat to report this scam and request full refund immediately. Digi instead sided with the scammer merchant by saying that this refund request will be forwarded to the merchant and will take 30 days to decide whether to refund or not. This is clearly scam but Digi has decided to side with scammer!

Digi: Greetings from Digi Live Chat. Thank you for helping Digi become Malaysia’s largest network. Please visit this link for more info on 0% GST http:// digi.my/gstgeneralc. Your Customer Service Consultant is estimated to be available in about 6 minutes.

Me: I want immediate refund of the scam charge to my account gameini

Digi: Hi. This is Bart. Are you referring to the current number, 6016xxxxxxx?

Me: yes

Digi: The request has been forward to the merchant to refund. The refund will be provided by the merchant within 30 days.

Me: who is the merchant? this is scam, I’ve never authorized any subscription. i demand to know who is this merchant and immediate refund

Digi: The merchant will be gameini. Their contact details are as below :
Email: customer.service@ampersand.com.my
Careline: 03-6150 5666
Official website : http://game-ini. com

Me: no i did not subscribe gameini this is scam. i will proceed to report to MCMC if no immediate refund from Digi

Digi: The request has been forwarded to the merchant. The refund will be provided directly by the merchant and not Digi.

About Game-Ini

Game-Ini Mobile Social Gaming Platform technology is developed to assist branded clients, and product owners particularly game developers seeking deployable viral platforms for new game launches brand marketing and promote new sub services or promotions.

The social platform is highly customisable to fulfill different game genres and pool of users.

Previous report of other Digi user being scammed by same company:

credit suddenly deducted by gameini and recurring fee(mobile)


26-02-2018 01:27 AM

I am the owner of this prepaid service subscriber, My balance silently deducted occassionly RM1 , RM2, RM4,

i tracked the DIGI itemize statement. found out it was charged under GAMEINI and RECURRING FEE(MOBILE). Definately didnot turn on mobile network.


Emailed my problem to digi helpdesk, there is no support to assist and look into my problem. over 3 days. It happened again 25/2/2018, my credit deducted another round while NO mobile network switch on.

Anyone encounter such problem, credit gone or charged by digi silently without switch on your mobile network.

What has happened?


21-06-2018 09:08 AM

This happened to me this morning as below.

21/06/2018 02:13 gameini 1.0units RM 2.00

How do I stop it and why does this happen?

Source: https://community.digi.com.my/t5/Prepaid/credit-suddenly-deducted-by-gameini-and-recurring-fee-mobile/td-p/39565

After weeks of not receiving reply on this issue from DiGi, today DiGi has the audacity to close this case without any action taken!

Eileen @ Digi: We are sorry about the unpleasant experience that you have experienced with us.

Please advise us if the refund has been received, otherwise we will follow up on this accordingly.

We thank you for being our customer and look forward to resolve the matter amicably.

It seems that I am one of the latest prey of Game-Ini scam via Digi. For how long we have to put up with this ongoing issue? No solution whatsoever from Digi???