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Digi Subscribers Get Free YouTube Streaming as Valentine Promotion

FREE YouTube for ONE day Only! (14th February 2017)

Everything is Awesome when you have FREE YouTube for a day. The promotion starts : 12am-11:59pm and applies to YouTube access via apps, browser and hotspot (tethering).

Digi Free YouTube Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is this promotion available for all Digi subscribers? A1. Yes, except the below plans:-
  • Happy Broadband (Prepaid)
  • Happy Internet (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Broadband (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Broadband - Starter Pack (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Internet - 1Malaysia (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Internet (Prepaid)
  • Prepaid Broadband Mampu Milik (Prepaid)
  • M2M Plan (Postpaid)
  • Data-only Sim (Postpaid)
Q2. Can I use the free reward if my account is suspended? A2. No, your account has to be active. Please clear your bill in order to use this reward.

Q3. If I’m accessing via Wifi, do I still enjoy this free reward? A3. No, this reward is only applicable via Digi Mobile Networks.

Q4. I have 1am-7am Free Quota. Which quota will be used first? A4.. The YouTube Treats will be consumed first when you’re using YouTube.


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