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I saw coway neo got 1 product call coway Neo, but i saw this water purifier call nanotrap, can anyone tell what is that actually mean?


What i know is coway is very expert in water purifier, coz they got the research and development on the filter to make sure the water is clean and maximum in reduce the harmful materials in the water. For cuckoo, i heard this brand is better in other electric equipment like the rice cooker.


That one is the filter system which remove the chlorine, virus , bacteria and smell induction material in the water, which mean the water from pipe is go through so many filters and come out the cleanest water for you to drink.


Well, that was nice to hear about the filters actually can filter out those dangerous material, coz i heard the filters in water purifier is not really can filter the bacteria, now i will feel save to drink the water after know these info.


that one depend you use which brand loh, if popular brand must got quality, if people want the cheaper one, the quality of filter the water must be lower, coz the inner design just the simple filter, not profession like the expert one.


that look like the coway got better management in producing the water purifier wor, i can see different from the price… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, with them you still need to pay the penalty, but the price is only half of the remaining period on your contract, unlike cuckoo which you need to pay in full which seems like a scam.


Simply put it is a mechanism that removed all the unwanted stuff in your water so that it will be safe for you to drink while increasing the water flow rate at the same time.


They will provide service to their customers for every two months so if there are any problems with your purifiers they would know. Some other companies only check twice a year and some did not even provide any after sale services.


Yeah thats why I prefer to buy those higher quality ones, more expensive =/= better though but for Coway their brand is quite trustable due to all the technologies that they had implemented in their products.


Last time the pipe water at my area is so dirty that I had to buy water from outside to drink, the water is yellowish colour which makes me want to vomit when looking at it. But after installing Coway water purifier I can direct drink the water with no worries, the colour is so much clearer and dont have any smell.


Yeah if meet those companies that did that I will sure to complain about them, after get our money then direct dont care about the customers, such companies sure to bankrupt soon, but luckily Coway wasn’t like that.


Good for you man, I also thinking to buy a Coway water purifier for my house also but currently still delaying about it due to financial problem as it is not cheap also if want to buy good quality stuff.


Their water purifier uses multiple layer of filters so the water produced in the end is almost 100% clean, so even how dirty the water source might be if it went through the purifier it will always be safe to drink.


Coway is very confident with their product and if the customer have any problem with their product they can just contact the customer support, thats the purpose of having a specialized service team to come and take a look at any problems


If you have problem with money then you got the option to either pay by installments or rent from them also, not necessarily must pay in full just to get the water purifiers that you want.