Do not buy from


I had made a complain since 2nd May 2018 for the faulty items I received.
The costumer service keep asking for the video even though I had attached the pictures of the faulty part as below.

I could not understand the purpose of the request.
I also offer to return the faulty product to their office but they are not willing to provide me the address.
So truly non-responsible 11street.


Some internet seller is “black heart”, and those are the risk when buy the product through online. When meet this kind of situation, customer always have to compromise them-self. Or you can complain until they get the bad effect.


So, before you buy something from the seller, you have to see their credibility, especially for the online shopping. That will make you reduce the chance get harm by the cheater, or the irresponsible seller.


huh, what kind of product you think is very good and you trust it? Coz i dont have one, everytime i buy the product that is not straight away get from the shop, i will be very worry. So, i never buy any product through this way.


From my previous experience, i think coway has the great and quality service. Which mean this product is always maintain the performance and service is good. No giving excuse that they not allow customer to return product because of certain reason.


really? i also heard some bad thing about this coway, like expensive lah… there are more brand that is cheaper and better quality. so what do you think?


I also have a bad experience when buy online but at lazada…
i buy a cuckoo from lazada and yes they are cheaper than buy from the agent…
because that time have a discount and i decided to buy it and yeah, the staff give me like
used water machine! euuuwwwww!!


hurmmmmm that’s true! if other brand like cuckoo, they want us to pay full as a penalty and the products will be ours because they never ever to take back their products…
coway is better laa easy to handle and deal with


urggghhhh! seriously?? how can they do that?!
we pay for the new one not a second hand things but if the used things got half price then it should be ok


yeahhh true! before im buying online from the certain seller, i will look at their customer feedback and reviews. if got 50+ reviews and it majority said the seller is trusted then i will try to buy from them…


wooooo of coz cuckoo will do that coz, it can make them loss
and no one will want the 2nd hand items right?? but if coway, we want to do cancellation,
we need to pay a penalty too right?? and how about the items that we make a deal??


hurmmmm… i really want to know the step or procedure that i have to do before buy coway…
need to have our payslip hah??


How did you find out that was a used machine? did you hire a profession to checked? But that really a bad experience buying online. hmmm… I think lazada still ok, not really got the big chance to meet the bad seller, if still cheat by them then is really unlucky lah.


That one is the term and condition that alrdy inform to customer before they purchase the water purifier from cuckoo right? i mean that is the SOP of the selling product, if not the salesman is intentionally trick the customer.


yeah, but sometimes still fall to the trap also, because nowadays so many technique to lure the people, like so many good feedback and comment, and most of it are the own people try to make the seller look like can trust, but at the end customers still become the victims.


well. the thing i can say about coway is better is the customer just have to 50 % of the balance when they want to return the product.


That was the big different advantage between 2 brand… still got any differences that we can compare which is better.


Contact the Coway agent first before u buy. If you want purchase online, find the trusted seller. If not u will easily get cheated.


Now everywhere is Coway agent Cuckoo agent. Try to contact them and solve your problem~ :wink:


Big company need big sales team, so agent everywhere is not a big deals, because want to sell its service ma… Who got better service then who will win loh…