Do not go Mac City 1 Utama the Worst Apple Authorised Service Provider in Malaysia

Finally got a chance to post this complaint to share with all of you regarding the terrible service experience @ Mac City Apple Service Center located at 1 U Shopping Center, Bandar Utama.

Do not ever go to Mac City Apple Service Center @ 1 Utama, go any other center as long as not Mac City!

End of last year, my Magic Mouse 2 that I got from my purchase of iMac 4K in 2015 was having a serious battery draining problem. On a full charge, the battery went from 100% to 0% in three days. So when I got a chance to visit KL, I went to the Mac City Apple Service to claim warranty.

1. Long Queue, Long Waiting Time @ Service Center (Not Enough Seat)

Mac City Apple Service Center is actually located opposite from Mac City Apple Store, in a less traffic street quite. When I arrived, I was shocked as there were a few customers standing as the service centre is very small and only less than 15 chairs but very crowded with waiting customers. I waited for 45 minutes before it was my turn. I believe if any Mac City customer saw the situation at the service center they would have preferred to buy their iPhone, iPad or Macbook from other Apple authorised reseller to avoid coming to this service center for warranty claim.

2. Staff at Service Desk Said Service Will Complete Within 5 Days But I Did Not Receive Any Call After 5 Days

When it was finally my turn, I explained the problem of my Magic Mouse 2 clearly. The staff mentioned that it will be tested and the service will complete within 5 days and will give me a call. This was not true as after 5 days I still did not receive any call.

3. No Service Was Provided Citing Tested No Problem As A Reason

When I went to the service center after the promised 5 days even though I did not receive any call, I have to go through problem 1 again: standing and waiting for very long period. The service desk staff told me that they found no problem with my Magic Mouse 2. Hence provided no service or warranty claim! This is definitely shocking as my Magic Mouse 2 clearly has a battery draining problem before I sent in. When I went back home I immediately checked the returned Magic Mouse 2. It has no battery, meaning that all battery drained IF they did in fact test. How could they conclude no battery problem? I charged my Magic Mouse 2 to full battery again the battery draining problem showed up.

This meant that either the service staff did not test my mouse or the service staff was so incapable to detect such an obvious battery draining problem.

I went to another Apple authorised service center without such long queue the next few days and the center verified my Magic Mouse 2 battery draining problem and gave me a new Magic Mouse 2 in less than 10 days time. This just showed how incompetent Mac City service center was and totally wasted more than one week of my time and money as I purposely travelled to KL for the service as I am not from KL/Selangor.

4. Wasted My Time & Effort to File a Complaint

I reported this problem to Mac City through Facebook. Instead of providing compensation or good will gift voucher for my terrible experience, the Mac City person I talked through on the phone promised to investigate but never came back to me regarding his finding.

Having the same issue with this service centre. For 3 days i have been trying to reach them via telephone but no answered. I mean what kind of support that does not answer phone call?!

That so called 5 days of working days for completion is a total bullcrap. My macbook still “under repair” and same bullcrap of waiting for shipment kind of reason.

Planned to drop my 6S for battery change under the Apple replacement program. At first the staff said it can be replaced within 2 hours but when i come the next day to drop my phone and different answer was given.

Please, just go to other Apple centres except for Mac City. They just won the Worst Service of All Time Award! Congrats

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@Shopping Which service provider did you go to get your mouse repaired? Just had a bad experience with the one at The Curve.