Download FREE Coin Princess V (Save RM3.99) Android Mobile App Game | HARGA RUNTUH

Coin Princess V Android Mobile App Game Free Download (Limited Time Promotion)

The game is a kind of retro trend and has dramatic story and ending! New Horizontal RPG game!

The game is pleasant to your eyes and ear! Coin princess!

Coin princess in coin kingdom were taken into devil’s castle by Devil. Can Coin princess escape from devil's castle? and avenge the devil? Can you see ending? Let's go to the coin kingdom with knights

  • Diverse Knights!
  • The knights who earn coin in dungeon!
  • Charming coin princess!
  • Interesting stages!
  • Variety devils!
Dot game, it is target fo user who like retro game! Let’s play Coin princess right away!

Link to Google Play Store

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