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Download Free G5 Deep Town The Twin Candles HD (Full) iOS App Game

G5 Deep Town The Twin Candles HD (Full) iOS App Store Game Free Download (Limited Time Promotion)

Free for a limited time! Don’t miss out!

Plunge into a head-spinning adventure full of shocking discoveries!

It’s the turn of the century – a time of great advances and bright hopes. After a stringent interview process and promises of a brilliant salary, a young engineer is invited to work in Deeptown, located on the ocean floor some 2,000 yards deep. Anticipating a great opportunity, he arrives to find only a little girl, who tells him there’s a vampire hiding in the now-abandoned town!

It’s not long before his new acquaintance – or her twin sister? – bites him and he becomes a vampire too. As it turns out, he was hired only for his especially delicious blood type. Join his quest to be "healed" from vampirism, explore the stunning underwater city, solve brain-teasing puzzles, meet the oldest vampire on Earth and, most importantly, find the way back to the real world!

Free Deep Town The Twin Candles Game Features

  • 37 gorgeous scenes in 10 lavish chapters
  • 11 perplexing mini-games to master
  • 20 amazing achievements to earn
  • Two difficulty levels: casual and expert
  • Three intriguing characters to meet
  • Game Center Support
Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese

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