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Download Free Photo Puzzles Android Mobile App Game

Photo Puzzles Android Mobile App Game Free Download (Limited Time Promotion)

Discover animals, landscapes, nature and monuments with this fun puzzles game for kids. More than 100 photos! Children will learn to differentiate animals, flowers, places and monuments as well as improve their memory and concentration. Move the classic, square and circular shaped pieces to create puzzles with colorful drawings and pieces of different sizes and shapes. The puzzles are created with real photos.

In these puzzles you will find dozens of images of animals, landscapes, flowers, nature, monuments, and much more.

Thanks to the different levels of difficulty, this game is suitable for children of all ages who are at different stages of their intellectual development.


Edujoy puzzles are made up of images of different themes for children to have fun while they identify objects of several categories:
  • Animals: Lion, tiger, dog, cat, bird...
  • Landscape photos
  • Flowers
  • Monuments and places


  1. Classic Puzzles: In this game mode, children will be able to play easy, medium and more complex puzzles using the classic pieces of the common puzzles.
  2. Square puzzles: Children have to slide the pieces, this time with square shape, until putting all in the correct place.
  3. Circular Puzzle: This type of puzzle is very original. Children should rotate each of the concentric circles clockwise or counterclockwise to complete it.
  4. Incomplete Puzzles: This is the most difficult game mode, since movements are more limited, pieces only can be moved from left to right and from top to bottom.


Educational puzzles for Kids are created so that they can be completed by children of different ages and at different stages of their intellectual development. For this reason, children will be able to play with puzzles of 6, 9, 12, 24, 35 or 48 pieces.


Puzzle games provide many benefits for developing children's abilities. Among others we can highlight:
  • Improve their capacity for observation, analysis, concentration and attention. Exercise their visual memory: Kids must remember the initial image of the puzzle to know where to place the pieces later.
  • Help to identify and establish relationships between shapes and silhouettes, improving spatial and visual perception.
  • Exercise fine motor skills to move the pieces with their fingers. In addition, Edujoy's educational puzzles offer positive reinforcement with cheerful animations when the child completes the puzzle correctly, to help them increase their self-esteem.
Our recommendation is to start with puzzles with fewer pieces and gradually increase the number so that the child is motivated and facing new challenges with greater security and confidence.

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