Eco-Shop Everything RM2.12: Snacks, Household Products, Stationery, Hardware... @ 86 Branches in Malaysia

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ECO Shop Malaysia Everything RM2 Pay Less, Get More

We are promise to provides quality service based on customer request, supplying of goods is not only convenient but well worth to satisfy the needs of each customer. For example: supply of the latest products and goods collocation (more than 8'000 types of products do so far).
  • Everything In RM2.12
  • Over 8,000 Items
  • Excellent Quality
  • One Step From Home

Ultimate Shopping Experience at Eco-Shop

Eco-Shop was established on 1 June 2003, the head office and warehouse is located in Jementah, Johor. The main business is selling convenience goods including food, daily products, household products, cosmetics, toys, stationary, hardware and so on. The price for each item is RM2.12 only.

ECO Shop Malaysia Store Outlet / Branch Location Address

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