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How to Buy from JD.com & Mogujie using EZbuy Malaysia

Good news! It's now possible for Malaysian shoppers to purchase any items from two of the most popular online shopping websites in China: JD.com (京东) and Mogujie (蘑菇街) using EZbuy Malaysia. Here's how:

1. Copy the URL link from JD.com or Mogujie of the item you want to purchase and paste the URL link into ezbuy’s search bar and click on the search button.

2. Choose the design you want and click on “ADD TO CART”.
3. Go into your shopping cart and click on “CHECK OUT”.
4. Confirm your purchase, and click on “PAY NOW” to make your payment.
Harga Runtuh's Pro Tip: Use Google Translate for both Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation. Shipping Fees & Charges Buy for me = There are two payments for every purchase (Click here for the exact flat shipping rates and duration):
  • 1st Payment = Product Payment = Product costs + China domestic shipping fee + Insurance (optional) paid when you check out shopping cart
  • 2nd Payment = Service Payment = International shipping fee + agent fee + Malaysia delivery fee(optional) paid when your parcel arrives in Oversea Warehouse
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