Fake engine oil


It is also important that you better check whether the workshop is selling genuine engine oil bcoz some workshop tend to sell engine oil at higher price with low quality oil.


Yup. If you going to buy engine oil at unauthorized workshop, it will be the same fake engine oil at online. Better check the workshop first or buy from petrol station would be more secured.


Shell engine oil also a good one bcoz i tried it before and my fuel consumption is lower compared to other engine oil that i used previously.


True. I can feel the difference between shell and other engine oil brand oil. Afterall how many times you service ur car? 2-3 times a year only so dont be so stingy when it’s comes your safety.


I am not sure which one i should get Castrol Magnatec or Shell Helix Ultra bcoz castrol also quite good when it’s coms to engine oil.


I’m currently using Helix Ultra 5w30, got this 3 free 1 program and 1 more oil change then i will get the next bottle for free. Quite worth it actually since you can share with ur family as well.


Eh now Castrol also got the loyalty program. So Castrol vs Shell, which is better?


I always buy engine oil from tesco and giant at such a cheap price, somemore made in Germany! I think all these manufacturers try to cheat your money!


Hi gus, craving for some durian today. concern or not


me too bro. very concern about this


These days, i do have concern regarding fake engine oil that selling at cheaper price than original price. People tend to buy it bcoz of the cheap price.


Engine oil at petrol station is so expensive compared to online. But, have to choose also when buy engine oil online bcoz im not going to buy the fake ones.