Fake engine oil

Hey guys, do you think this actually happening… ?
One day, i feel my engine oil is louder and i found out is time to chance the engine oil and other service. After the service is done, i felt everything is same until 1 month ltr, my engine is in trouble. The engine is hard to start, then i sent to another workshop. the technician said the engine oil is fake. Until now, is till cant believe i am the victim of fake engine oil incident.

well, these incident actually happen very long time ago, many people not aware because they havent face it. They dont take it seriously because they didnt know what will happen next.

Ur engine still ok ar? some engine already spoiled after they realize the fake engine oil is main reason which destroy the engine

My car noise also becomes worse after sent to workshop and i slowly drive as suspect the workshop may use fake engine oil. People should keep teir eyes open about this bcoz this might effect your car and safety.

You should be careful during the worker changing the engine oil, even at workshop also will face this situation~ not only the online market will get the fake engine oil, some workshop also will do these kind of bad action to the irregular customer.

haiz~ now my car is under maintenance in the service center, really OMG

My advise is send back to the place you buy the vehicle, normally they also do the service center. Although the price a bit higher than other, but the quality is 100% guarantee, no worry about the cheating happen to you~

Giant can get Shell Helix at cheaper cost, but dunno real or not original bcoz the price is go down compared to expensive engine oil at petrol station.

Better get your engine oil from your trusted workshop or petrol station. I noticed the packaging the engine oil at Giant is quite diff , better get the original ones.

If they take the original engine oil, the cost is high. There are no reason to resell the product with lower price, that not make sense. So, i think is fake one.

if buy the shell brand, there are a label with QR code which can scan to detect the status of engine oil is real or fake. Very convenience

oh!!! is it this kind of technology apply to other also?

scan with phone or scan at the scanner in the market? Now many thing have to scan, buy at official store then no need scan , easy and no worry.

Not sure, this just introduce by shell, not sure other also use this way to avoid the fake engine oil or not.

Adui~ the scanner in market is use to scan barcode… Use your phone pls

May be they set up a new scanner in the market, since they is nothing cant do by human~ Someone create the fake engine oil, someone will find the way to against it.

Better buy at official store, then 100 % safe!!!

You got the point~ And I just wondering if they got these kind of technology, why dont just produce something is good and run a business?

I think the fake manufacturer was trying to cheat our money since they could sell engine oil at lower price that can infulence people in terms of price.

True tho. I used the original shell ultra ultra from petrol station and sometimes i also buy from authorized workshop in order to ensure the quality.