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FREE 1GB International Data with Flexiroam X

Don’t miss out a chance to get FREE 1GB international data with Flexiroam X!

X allows you to use data in 100 countries and gain up to 100GB all without the hassle of switching SIM cards when you travel!

Enter Flexiroam X Promo Code to Get 1GB Free Data

Stay connected online at all times with X. Download the Flexiroam X App now and get 1GB of data for FREE by following these 5 simple steps:
  1. Download the Flexiroam X App on App store or Google Play
  2. Register an account
  3. Click on Unlock Free Data
  4. Click on Apply Promo Code and type the Flexiroam X promo code: LOVETOKYO
  5. You now have 1GB of data in your Flexiroam X account!
What are you waiting for? Xperience X now!

*Administrative charges from Flexiroam may apply*


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