FREE Access to All Code School Online Web Development Courses 18 - 20 August 2017

Code School Free Weekend Access to All Online Course Content

Code School Free Weekend Access to All Online Course Content Offer Promotion

Have plans this weekend? Now you do with free web development courses using interactive learning webcast video tutorials for web developers!

We’re at it again! To celebrate reaching 4 million Code School students, we’re opening up FREE access to our entire content library for everyone from August 18–20. It’s a learning free-for-all! (Literally — it’s free for all to learn.)

Oh, and don’t forget to spread the news, because friends don’t let friends miss Free Weekend — share it with them below!

What is Code School?

Code School is an online learning destination for existing and aspiring developers that teaches through entertaining content. Each course is built around a creative theme and combines gaming mechanics with video instruction and in-browser coding challenges to make learning both educational and memorable. With courses covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby and iOS, Code School pairs experienced instructors with meticulously produced, high-quality content.
  • Can video playback speed be adjusted?
    • Yep! We offer various playback speeds on all of our videos so you can learn at the speed that’s best for you. Videos are available up to 4x the standard speed.
  • What if I can’t find the topic I want?
    • If you don’t see the course or screencast topic that you’re looking for, you can submit a new request or vote for an existing request that you support. The most popular requests help us decide on future content.
  • Where do I go if I get stuck on a course?
    • If you ever have any questions about a course or about your account, you can email us at or post to our Discuss forum and get support from the Code School community.
  • Can I download the Code School videos?
    • Yes! Look for the download slides button on each course and screencast page below the video player.
  • Can I play courses on my iPad or iPhone?
    • Yes and no. Course videos can be watched on your iPad or iPhone and we offer both high-definition and specially formatted iPhone/iPad video download links for each course.
    • The code editor, however, does not currently work on the iPad or iPhone so course challenges can not be completed on these devices.
  • What are the browser and system requirements for Code School?
    • Code School works best in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE10 or higher. No other browsers are guaranteed to properly display our content and results may vary.
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