GSC Movie RM6 Flat Rate Using Visa Checkout (Same Day Ticket) Every Thursday to Saturday Until 31 August 2017

GSC Cinema Movie Ticket RM6 Flat Rate Visa Checkout Promo

GSC Cinema Movie Ticket RM6 Flat Rate Visa Checkout Campaign Promotion

Get your tickets with Visa Checkout and enjoy flat RM6 rate every Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Terms & Conditions apply!

Campaign Period: 6 July to 31 Aug 2017

Offer Day: Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday (Transaction day MUST be the same as movie screening day)

Offer Limit: 210 unit per offer day

What's in the Offer: 1 (ONE) Normal Adult Ticket at RM6

Offer Entitlement: 2 (TWO) unit movie tickets per transaction until all 210 units are fully redeemed each day (first come first served basis)

Where to Buy: GSC Website and GSC Mobile App only

How to Buy RM6 GSC Movie Ticket (Normal Adult):

  • Buy 1 (ONE) Normal Adult Ticket: Entitled for 1 (ONE) Normal Adult Ticket
  • Buy 2 (TWO) Normal Adult Tickets: Entitled for 2 (TWO) Normal Adult Tickets
  • Buy 1 (ONE) Normal Adult Ticket + 1 (ONE) e-Combo: Only entitled for 1 (ONE) Normal Adult Ticket
  • Buy 3 (TWO) Normal Adult Tickets: Only entitled for 2 (TWO) Normal Adult Tickets

How to Pay: Select Visa Checkout and pay using VISA CARD ONLY

Booking Fee: Yes, payable by customer for EACH ticket

Valid Location: All GSC nationwide except GSC Signature

Movie Type: Normal 2D Adult Ticket except 3D, Twin Seats, Gold Class, Premiere Class, Premium Leather Seats, Dolby Atmos, GSC Maxx & D-BOX.
Advance Ticket Purchase: No

Midnight Show: Yes

Film Festival Movies: No

Remark: GSC & Visa reserves the right to amend the above terms & conditions without prior notice.

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