Half Dozen J.CO Donuts RM12, 1/2 Dozen Glazzy / Uno Sized Beverage RM6 (First 100) 31 August 2017

J.CO Donuts & Coffee Malaysia Merdeka Discount Offer Promotion

In conjunction with 60th Merdeka celebration this 31st August 2017. We would like to share not 1 but 3 great promo with all J.Co lovers.
  • RM6 for half dozen glazzy. (100 first customers)
  • RM6 for all beverages (100 first customers)
  • RM12 for half dozen. Unlimited.
Promo is on 31st August 2017. Everyone is invited. Save the date.

P/s: Get Half Dozen of donuts at only RM12 this 31st August 2017. Come early to avoid long que.


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