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Malaysians are no stranger to fly on cheap flight tickets as Malaysia is the home to the world's number one low cost carrier airline AirAsia. While we usually stay up late night into the wee hours to buy AirAsia free seats promotion flight tickets many months in advance to get the cheapest price before they are sold out, sometimes we might want to purchase air tickets during non promotion period. Yet, being the price-sensitive smart consumer, we always strive to get the lowest flight ticket even during non promotion period.

Using Google Flights to Search for Cheapest Flights

It is very easy to Google Flights to search for cheapest flights. Using Google Flights, you can compare the cheapest prices of all flights from point A to point B offered by all operating airlines. Just enter the departing location and arriving destination and choose the date of your travel.
The results are a list of best flights in terms of cheapest flights showing at the top.

One amazing feature of Google Flights is you can see the cheapest flight prices across all dates instantly. When you are selecting the dates, you are immediately presented with the cheapest price available on the particular day. This saves so much time as you no longer need to select a date, wait for it to display the price, and repeat the steps for 100 times to find the cheapest flight tickets like what you are doing with AirAsia e-ticketing system. The dates of the available cheapest flight are already displayed in green colour for you.

Try Google Flights to search for the cheapest airfare for your next trip and let's know what do you think.

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