I'm Frustrated & Will Never Sell Again @ Lazada Which Delays Payment to Seller

I am seller from lazada, i Very disappointed with lazada, ALway delay give me my payment already half year. from 2017 August i have send the parcel out and customer already receive, and at the platform that no have update and that preview cancelled order, and i go to ask why and lazada also give me the way to fill up all the form and already write up all the form and tracking no, and lazada email me (Finance_Raise Adjustment (Normal)

Mon 12/11/2017, 10:33 AM

Greetings! We thank you for the concern you have shared with us. Kindly be informed that we have raised the adjustment pertaining to order number(3**********1). Please take note that you will receive your payment within 3-4 weeks. If you have other orders that you wish to dispute please do submit a new form accordingly.

Apologies once again for any inconvenience caused. Should you have further queries or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us Partner Support by clicking the below link to submit your query / request… We will be more than happy to serve you once again. General Form : https://lazadacontent.formstack.com/forms/general_form_my

Warm Regards,

this second time i ask lazada , and lazada give me the email, and after 3-4 week later i ask again and say to that what problem to that, and lazada send me the email:(Delayed Reimbursement Payout Notification

Mon 1/15, 3:25 PM
You replied on 2/8/2018 11:12 AM.

Dear Seller,

Good day to you.

Please accept our sincere apologies on the delayed Reimbursement payment from our end. We truly thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Please do take note that finance have released the payment. Details are as per below for your reference.

For all the adjustment raised in October, the payouts will be done on 22 January 2018 & for all the adjustment raised in November & December the payouts will be done on 7 February 2018

We hope the above information clarifies the matter for you.

Should you need further inquiries or explanation, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Lazada Partner Support Center Hotline at +603 2725 2925 or kindly fill up our General Form: https://lazadacontent.formstack.com/forms/general_form_my. for immediate response from our internal expertise.

ok, nvm then i wait, then after the time past i also no have recieve the payment from lazada, then i four ask lazada whyno have recieve the payment until now, give me answer, and lazada email that : ( PSC-1597 – Cancelled order but delivered075

Tue 1/30, 4:26 PM
Dear Value Merchant,

A Very Good day to you,
We are sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused,As for this case due to high backlog from our finance end the payment will be done within 4-5 weeks of time.

As for now your patience is highly appreciated,we are sincerely apologies in delaying on the payout.Should you have further queries or assistance. We will be more than happy to serve you once again.Thank you

Warm Regard


The bll S**t like that lazada work?
and why alway delay and no give me the answer.
lazada cheater? Next time want how to put an item to sell at this platform? Like B
11 S**T, i very very Very disappointed with lazada, i will not sell again at lazada, i will change another platform. I cant believe lazada again.

Same here but mine cannot claim my payment. Buyers had received their orders but lazada marks as cancel after buyer received the orders. As a seller, i already rugi coz barang keluar but payment no receive. Then lazada charged me the cancellation fees. Aiyo… i only know seller will be charged when the seller themselves cancel the order. When i asked they only replied me that once order cancelled they cant do anything. Thank u lazada. U r a big scammer.