Install FREE Acres GPS Area Measurement Android Mobile App (Save RM43.99)

Install Free Acres GPS Area Measurement Android Mobile App

Acres GPS Area Measurement Android Mobile App Free Download (Limited Time Promotion)

Acres is a powerful easy to use GPS tool that quickly collects area and length measurements. Collect field measurements using GPS, map touch or distance and angle modes. Use snap, control points, CAD like edits and store-by-interval to aid in precise point placement.

Built on top of Google maps and using your phone's GPS locate, measure and record areas and distances. Acres is ideal for construction, environmental, real-estate and agriculture professionals needing to routinely estimate areas or distance. This application was designed and written by a professional software engineer with 20 years of experience writing mobile applications for the land survey profession.

Point Entry Modes

  • Current GPS position
  • Store-by-Interval
  • Touch map screen
  • Distance and Angle from a point.
Modes can be combined. SNAP works with all modes to quickly connect corners, join seams and connect end of lines.

Survey Flag System

A survey flag and marker system makes the survey process visually clear in the field. See the start and ends of the polygons and polylines. Clearly see the nodes and corners. A survey flag clearly shows the last survived position and a leading-line shows the direction and distance from the last point. With GPS store points manually or with Store-by-Interval.

Edit maps with CAD-like edit features.

  • Rename - Assign a new name
  • Delete
  • Change color - 14.7 million colors.
  • Hide
  • Show
  • Copy
  • Move
  • Edit Vortexes - Recalculates area.
  • Add Holes to Polygon
  • Join two polylines
  • Close polylines and make polygon
  • Split polylines

Unlimited Collection of Polygons, Polylines and Markers

Collect and store an unlimited number of polygons, markers and polylines. The program has been tested with over five thousand polygons and markers. The program automatically saves your data as you record or edit. You never have to worry about losing data.


The SNAP tool is a very powerful CAD tool to aid in the collection of survived points. When a position is within the snap tolerance a SNAP indicator pops-up and new positions will go to the point indicated. The SNAP tool works with both GPS and map touch entry modes.


This mode automatically stores survey points at specified intervals. Both time and distance are filtered to give even point placement. Multiple points will not be recorded when stopped. The recording of points can be toggled on/off with the timer button on the action bar.

Distance and Angle Point Entry

This tool will allow entry of points at a distance and angle from a survived point. This method can be used to reproduce a metes and bounds survives, transverse and area or precisely measure from a point.

Export to KML

Acres exports KML for Google earth and other KML viewers. Area and perimeters will be displayed in pop-up windows. The polygons will be listed in the ″Places″ directory with the names and colors selected in the program.

Area Reports

Acres writes a metes and bounds style report for a selected Area. Reports the area and perimeter and gives an angle and distance and geographical location for each point that bounds an area.

Read and Write Markers to CSV

Acres will read or save marker point information to a CSV file. Import control points from NGS or other sources to improve survey accuracy.

Download from Google Play Store
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