iPhone 7 only RM7/77/777 today only (14 October 2016) @ Sunway Pyramid?

My colleague ask me to get half day today.do u know the reason why?she said Iphone 7 launching today at Sunway Pyramid untill 6pm…!and the lucky person will pay the iPhone 7 only rm7/77/777!!!

This is just marketing gimmick as only THREE lucky person (RM7, RM77 & RM777) will get the special discounted prices while the rest of 1,000 people (rough estimate) receiving nothing.

Anyway if you are free, planning to buy an iPhone 7 and feeling lucky today, why not?

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Malaysia Price

Celcom offered the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from as low as RM7!

Today Celcom Axiata Berhad announced the availability of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for their phone plans and as promised earlier, they even had the iPhone 7 for as low as RM7 for the first lucky seven customers in line at their Blue Cube Sunway Pyramid launch at 7am. Reportedly, they’d stayed in line for 2 days straight. Another lucky 3 first pre-order and walk-in buyers got the RM7 chance as well.

Celebrities like Amber Chia, Izzue Islam and Siti Elizad Mohd Sharifudding were also on hand to join in the fun and games. Talking about the games the Spin & Win game allowed everyone the chance to spin the wheel and win the iPhone 7 for as low as RM7, RM77 or RM777 along with accessories. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available on Celcom plans including the FiRST Platinum and Gold.

Source: TechNave

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Turned out it was only for “the first lucky seven customers in line at their Blue Cube Sunway Pyramid launch at 7am” & " another lucky 3 first pre-order and walk-in buyers got the RM7 chance as well". So it is too late now if you are planning to take advantage this deal.

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oh really?
i saw that there list of ppl who able to enjoy iphone 7 with only rm7/77/777 only
why non of my colleague know this event???
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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its okay,marketing strategy everywhere, but its just to enjoy the luck when you also purchasing the item.
some more i dont see other telco doing this promote, only celcom doing this strategy on launching iphone 7 and they upload many lucky winner picture in their Facebook page.

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without enjoying the rm7 chance, we still can get the iphone with celcom first gold package what…
rm98 we can enjoy up to 12GB quota, add with the unlimited free yonder music some more.
telling you that MASIS had stopped giving the spotify premium free for their subscriber…

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sophisticated phone without a "sophisticated data plan also no use right???:grin:

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so what was bluecube’s package with phone like?
if the phone comes with too little data then it wont help ot get the latest phone
i personally thinks phone and data must also accompany with voice calls.
these 3 most important

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ohhh maii goshh!:heart_eyes:

agree with that, even the facebook lite also not available in iphone, guess that iphone really dont suit for whoever using low budget internet plan, the phone built in with LTE, its better use 8GB above quota per month or more and less for yourself, just dont imagine use 1GB will be enough, haha

when i take my iPhone 7 at Sunway past 2 weeks,they recommended me the First Gold plan RM98 with 12gb data.I think its enough for me coz im not always using the voice calls.for me,unlimited Whatsapp/Wechat is important.:grin:

im enjoying too coz im able to get my additional 2 gb and get my unlimited Whatsapp and Wechat apps!
i really happy for it!

Unlimited Whatsapp and Wechat apps? is it true or it is just on promo period?

its true! its ur monthly plan!i do get everything they talk about!:grin:

u should go and buy iphone 7 anna!but need to find the reasonable and affordable package like me!

i read a lot of +ve comments from forumers about First Gold Plan.Anyway,no matter what telco`s u registered as long its affordable is enough.no need to argue about which plan u need to choose.personally,i want the plan who can give more data,good line and coverage.honestly.

totally agree with you. only if you really lucky then, the rm7 iphone will be yours.besides, i heard that celcom have upgrade their plan from 10gb to 20gb. Very lucky lahh this people!!! :scream::heart_eyes:

7 winners for iphone 7 and for only RM7 arghhhh so crazy!!!

yeahh! you and i have same opinion on this. other telco doesnt take this chance to do the promotion like this. and some more, iphone7 with turbo internet? wallawehhh what else should you ask. but unlucky me, none of my classmate know about this event. or else we also will be joining the queue! :joy: Celcom really alert lah on gadjet nowadays. good good :innocent: