Maggots Found in Chili Sauce Old Town White Coffee @ Giant Nilai


Siva Segaran: Today afternoon had brunch with staff at Old Town White Coffee Giant Nilai.

Was startled to see maggots in the chilli sauce.thank God spotted by staff but damage done as had eaten.pls avoid this shop due to poor hygiene and a hazard to your life and health. An alarming experience.


OLDTOWN White Coffee Malaysia:

OLDTOWN White Coffee was made aware recently of a complaint regarding maggots found in the belacan chili at our Giant Nilai branch. The complainant had also taken a video and uploaded it onto Facebook and other social media sites. OLDTOWN White Coffee takes such complaints very seriously as we consider food quality, safety and hygiene to be our top priority.

Following this complaint, OLDTOWN White Coffee had begun an immediate investigation and in the spirit of transparency, we would like to share the following actions taken:

Firstly, we have been cooperating with the Negeri Sembilan State Health Department who conducted a premise evaluation of our Giant Nilai branch on 9 January 2017 in response to the abovementioned complaint. The department has also followed-up with another visit on 11 January 2017 to the same branch for a further evaluation of the store premises.

As a result of this evaluation, the State Health Department has provided clearance for the branch to continue its daily operations currently.

Secondly, we have investigated the complaints against the manager who handled the customer feedback on the said issue and have taken corrective action. It is our view that the manager’s actions were clearly unacceptable and uncalled for and as the franchisor, we have responsibility in ensuring this does not happen again.

Even though investigations by third-parties and us conclude that this incident is an isolated case caused by external factors, we are continually improving our operating procedures for better food quality, safety and hygiene. As a precautionary measure to eliminate any possible risk currently associated with the product in question, we currently no longer provide belacan chili in all our stores temporarily.

We want to assure all our customers that OLDTOWN White Coffee views food quality, safety and hygiene matters with the highest importance. We continue to work vigorously with all stakeholders to address this issue head on. For further information, please contact: