Malaysia Airlines Flight Ticket Promo Price Deals Booking Until 4 December 2017

Malaysia Airlines Flight Ticket Promo Price Deals

Malaysia Airlines Flight Ticket Promo Price Discount Offer Promotion

Economy class return flight ticket deals from Kuala Lumpur:
  • Book before 4 December 2017
  • Travel: 5 December 2017 - 31 March 2018
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The price is Cheap… hahaha… Means after 4th dec no more promotion?? Really wanted to get a last min flight to somewhere… arrhh…


Anywhere you plan to go? Budget? Last min trip? Within this year?If oversea…depending near by or far away. But dont forget to open your sim to roaming. like mine celcom doing promotion for roaming. able to get more quota also.


until 4th december? that means i miss the booking ady?:cry:
btw, the celcom promotion u mentioned izzit the RM38 per day one?
i heard can get 2x roaming data.


only celcom have the promotion for global roaming right now. until end of the year.
all roaming data will double up and there got 6 selected country which will enjoy the cheapest rate of subscription fees.


just back from Jakarta last week , wonderful trip as this the first time be there.
a lot of temple and especially the local people there is nice.
somehow i can understand their language :grinning:
hotel wifi also good and save a lot for my data roaming.


expensive to London lol…
i think those below 500 is the best choice to go for a short trip haha


your mean cheaper is how much ?
i went hanoi and open roaming for rm38 per day .
hotel wifi is slow lol even the cafe outside … too many people there for sharing.


but how many gb data roaming per day? i heard some country get very low quota.
if less than 1gb after double up also consider expensive than sim card there,
if in that case, i better buy a new sim card there.


you r right , very less quota for some country , even only get 50 MB .
Not worth to get it, if want to simple just buy the new sim ,
it available at airport also you can purchase during your trip.


use hotel wifi will do , get a better hotel in the town, survey first before you book it .
guarantee you will satisfy . don’t always look for those cheap cheap hotel . sure they provide you lousy services.


i believe that the country with the less quota is due to their telco technology not that power yet.
you can’t take to compare. even currency is different.
50mb for them maybe is alot ady .
do you still remember the time when we start having the internet access, how many Mb you can get per month?


I think its alright but its also important to know that quota is just let u do basic search like map and those. dont really need also to register for a new sim. while maintaining with the same telco.


Hotels wifi i dont really use much but i would recommend you to use your own smartphone and your current telco. like for me im using celcom.


Buy a sim card means you need to register and all. but having your own… just leave the roaming on and you can already use it. simple is it not?