Maxis Worst Telco in Malaysia for Overcharging Its Customers

他妈的Maxis,还以为你那么好死offer我RM88/7GB+1GB,哪里知道今天收到最新的账单,我傻掉了,我的电话费不但没有减少,反而从之前的1plan 158增加到188,无耻的Maxis,简直就是和老千没两样!!!

Danny Ng

Malaysian Shocked And Angry After RM88 Phone Plan Became RM188

It seems that the complaints for Maxis is far from over, as new complaints surfaced merely weeks after they introduced new plans for new and existing subscribers.

According to Facebook user Danny Ng, who complained via a local Facebook page, he took up Maxis’s 7GB + 1 GB mobile data offer for RM88, a downgrade from his existing MaxisOne RM158 subscription plan.

Thinking he had made the right choice and saved some money, he was shocked when his bill from Maxis arrived recently. To his horror he saw a bill for RM188 instead of a RM88 plan he signed up for, and surprised that instead of a downgrade he had ‘upgraded’ to MaxisOne RM188 plan.

A quick check on Maxis’s website stated that MaxisOne 8GB plan does cost RM188, so the misunderstanding could come that Danny misheard the price, or Maxis had told him the wrong information.

Although he had vented his anger on the social space over Maxis’s error. It was not made known that he had complained to Maxis, or if Maxis had made any action to rectify this error.

However due to massive anger towards the Malaysian telecommunications giant, netizens have come in support of Danny and urged him to switch to a competing telco.

Source: The Coverage

Henrrey Pang: Pls help to share this and check your bill if you are using maxis , don’t be a victim!!! I have never ever committed in verbally or in the written way to pay RM158 for this, my package is RM68 and it can turn to RM754.40 overnight, maxis made all decisions by themselves and clients to pay , is this the way how maxis make money??? One thing I can sure is I’m not going to pay!!!

Malaysia: Customer Revealed RM754 Maxis Bill A Month After Switching To RM68 Plan

It seems that Maxis’s troubles is still ongoing until today, as even more customers took to the social space to complain about being overcharged. The latest ‘victim’, is an emcee/host that got charged over 10 times his mobile plan, within a month!

Facebook user Henrry shared his latest Maxis bill on Facebook earlier, after having a shock seeing a RM754.40 bill despite only subscribed to a RM68 package.

Source: The Coverage

After 13 hours, Maxis responded to the Facebook post: Hi Henrrey Pang, it was a pleasure speaking to you a moment ago and we’re glad the matter has been clarified. As spoken, should you require any further assistance you may contact us at TQ

Fabian Ying: Maxis Pulling Stunts Again

  1. Tricked into maintaining line with Maxis with rebates.
  2. Additional charge of RM630.

Sometime in February 2016, I have decided to port out my line with Maxis to another Telco. During the process of porting out, Maxis Loyalty Department called me and offer me a package to remain in Maxis. I was offered:

  1. Upgrade to MaxisOne 158.
  2. Loyalty rebate of RM90 per month for a duration of 2 years.
  3. No contract.

I was happy to see I was appreciated and rewarded. I accepted the offer.

I even signed up a supplementary line last week. Maxis Customer Service confirmed that I am still entitled for the package and my rebate remains at RM90.

Today I was informed by Maxis Customer Service that I would be downgraded to MaxisOne 98 and rebate reduced to RM30.

To make things worse, my latest bill shows there is an additional charge of RM630. Maxis Customer Service told me to ignore it and it will be corrected in the next bill.

Can Maxis be trusted still? Will I end up having to pay the additional RM630?

All Maxis subscriber please check your bills and take action to avoid being tricked like me.

Muhammad Qadari Dzulkifli: Dear Maxis please take note :- What happened to my postpaid plan… bill for april reach over 700++, saya bukan org kaya nak byr bill banyak macam ni… bila nak tukar ke line celcom… maxis call supaya jangan tukar dan diberikan rebate 100 utk plan maxis one plan 188… saya pun bagila peluang…mungkin maxis akan tingkantkan perkhidmatan…tapi hampeh…disini saya sertakan caj yang dikenakan untuk jan… feb… mac… all below 150… now april mau terkejut tengok bill… call call centre…haram tak mau angkat…smpai 10 kali pun tk dapat… really disappointed…

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