McD Drive-Thru VIP Member FREE French Fries (Minimum Purchase RM20) Until 31 May 2017 | HARGA RUNTUH

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McDonald's Malaysia Drive-Thru VIP Car Sticker Member Free French Fries With Purchase May Offer Promotion

You’re always a VIP member at McD Drive-Thru. Enjoy the convenience while getting great deals with your VIP car sticker.

Just purchase RM20 and above in May to enjoy our world famous French Fries for free! Don't miss out! Hurry to McD today!


Harga Runtuh's Pro Tip: You can get the VIP Stickers at the nearest McDonald's Drive-Thru, no prior purchase is required to obtain the VIP Sticker. As a VIP member, you'll enjoy great monthly deals with purchase of RM20 and above at McD Drive-Thru.

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