Nak Try Smart Energy Drink Malaysia?

Eureka Drinks is the first functional beverage brand in Malaysia that infuses nootropic or brain enhancing vitamins in all its beverages lines. This is in line with its motto “Fuel the Body and Mind” emphasizing brain health and wellness. Our products are halal certified, vegan-friendly, plant-based and have low-sugar formula. Up your mental game now with Eureka Drinks! #YourEurekaMoment

We are passionate about energy drinks! You might even call us energy drink connoisseurs. We want to create an energy drink that tastes great, is refreshing, and brain-boosting at the same time.

Launched in early 2020, we quickly garnered a tribe following among professionals and athletes in Malaysia. One of the biggest strengths of our beverages is the way we provide the best quality of ingredients to our consumers. Concentrated formulas enhance the efficiency of our drinks which offers excellent energy boosters. We have a range of energy drinks tins and shots that provide energy and shots that provide the ability for restful sleep.

We are essentially:

  • Use natural nootropics (Brain vitamins).
  • Low caloric.
  • Non-carbonated.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Gluten free.
  • SHOTs are 100% plant based and come in various flavors and are sugar free and TSA approved volume for flights/airplane.


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