Nestle MILO Program Penebusan Jaket Juara Edisi Terhad 1 December 2016 - 28 February 2017 | HARGA RUNTUH

Limited Edition Champion Jacket Nestle MILO Malaysia Redemption Program

CLAIM ALL 4 JACKET JUARA MILO Collect & redeem all limited edition Jaket Juara Milo

Submit the packaging of any MILO® Powder, 3in1 or UHT, tabs of MILO® Cans or bottle covers of MILO®

NUTRI G™ to collect 30 points and redeeem a limited edition Jaket Juara MILO®.

MILO Jaket Juara Redemption Point Table / Jadual Mata

  • 1 Point: MILO® UHT 125ml
  • 1 Point: MILO® UHT 200ml
  • 1 Point: MILO® UHT 1L
  • 1 Point: MILO® Tin 240ml (Original / Hi-Cal / Mocha)
  • 1 Point: MILO® Nutri GTM 190ml
  • 2 Points: MILO® 3in1 Original (8s)
  • 4 Points: MILO® 3in1 Original / Kosong (18s / 21s)
  • 6 Points: MILO® 3in1 Original (30s)
  • 3 Points: MILO® 3in1 Cereal / Less Sweet (10s)
  • 2 Points: MILO® Activ-Go® 200g
  • 3 Points: MILO® Activ-Go® 400g / 480g
  • 5 Points: MILO® Activ-Go® 1kg / 1.1kg
  • 8 Points: MILO® Activ-Go® 1.5kg
  • 10 Points: MILO® Activ-Go® 2kg / 2.2kg
Submit the packs that you have collected together with the Redemption Form via Post or at the Redemption Venues.

Download the Redemption Form here.

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