Never Apply for Scam Jobs! Be Careful in Job Application!

Liz Chin: Dear friends and family, i found it very disturbing til got goosebump for few hours! Im currently looking for a new working opportunity. So this morning, i applied for a job from a job site Within half an hour i got 2 missed calls from the overseas singapore no +6590502120. That guy intro himself as Jeff. At 1st i didnt sense anything’s wrong. He said he can interview me thru whatsapp. So… below is the screenshot of the conversation between us… dear all, i really need u guys help to share this out to everyone!!! Please beware!!! Dont jus click like…PLEASE SHARE… TQ

P/S: He keep on asking for my photo, then only he’ll send his. I confirm what i’ll get later is kukujiao punya photo.