Never Buy Peugeot 308 Worst Car in Malaysia


Edros Zubir:


I am writing you this to tell how disappointed I am with your car.

I bought a lovely 1.6L Peugeot 308 in 2010 for my mom. It was a very nice and sleek car to drive.

Until the ‘depollution system faulty’ signal appeared for the first time after 6 months of usage. Every time I sent the car for inspection or for servicing, I kept being told that it is normal and not to worry. When I mentioned to the mechanic that the driver was my mother, I was surprised to hear from them “ohh no wonder, this is a turbo car, you can’t drive slow. You have to drive fast so that the carbon didn’t accumulate”. I didn’t buy a car that is intended for the F1 circuit and for daily use with traffics everywhere, how “fast” is possible anyway? Can you please explain or clarify that statement by your mechanic at your authorized Peugeot service centre? Are they trying to tell me that the Peugeot 308 is not suitable to be driven at NORMAL speed?

In 2014, I took it for servicing and repair at the Peugeot centre in Jelutong, Penang as my car was underpowered, I suspected something to do with the engine. When the car was under warranty the service centre keep telling me that everything was fine and there were no faults found with the car or the engine. But right after the warranty expired, they then told me that the turbo valves need to be replaced and it was just going to cost me just over RM2,000. After agreeing to that, there was a whole lot more that the service centre told me to replaced; the pump and then this one leaking, and then that one leaking. After about a week at the service I was told that the TURBO SYSTEM had to be replaced and the total bill was RM12,069!!

To add insult to the injury we were given a discount of RM5.11 as Hari Raya promotion. That is less than 1% discount. I don’t even know such amount for discount existed. And Hari Raya promotion some more? Really that cheapskate?

On top of that disgrace of a “discount”, after servicing my car for 2 weeks, I have to wait for nearly 2 hours before they can release my car, that is after they called to tell me that the car was ready.

Last month, the car suddenly broke down in the middle of the PLUS highway. My mom said she can’t start the engine. We initially thought that it was the battery issue. She called the PLUS helpline and they said it’s nothing to do with the battery. So we towed the car back to Penang, send it to the nearest workshop to check how far it’s true. And they also said the same. Not the battery. So I had it sent to Peugeot Service Centre to check.

Do you know what the first thing they said is? “Yes, its the battery”. I confronted them that it’s not the battery, but they insisted it is and I have to pay RM600 for that. As expected, they called after replacing the battery, telling me that there’s a sound and engine couldn’t start.

Then start again all the game, this one out, that one out, in the end I have to do a MAJOR OVERHAUL again!! My car is just 5 years old. That’s how fragile and terrible your car is. And I had to pay another staggering RM 12,498.87 for this second overhaul.

Last week, as I called the service centre to check on my car, they said the AC is malfunctioning, and I had to replace full set of the cooling coil, and I have to add another RM 4,000. 5 year old car, driven by an aunty to commute to work daily and the furthest it had been is Kuala Lumpur which is very occasional, and HAD NEVER BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT. This is your Peugoet 308. I have a 15 year old Perodua Kelisa bought at much less than half of your Peugoet 308, and it worked wonderfully for the same driver and same style of driving for nearly 15 years!

I have reported about the car long before I face the second overhaul. But nothing was ever done. I reported to the HQ and I get the usual “We will look into it”. I guess you literally only “look” into it, nothing is ever done.

It is a shame that your car does not live up to its name or reputation. I will never buy a Peugeot again and I will definitely share my story to others who have the intention of purchasing any car from Peugeot. I will do that not as a payback; I will do that because every consumer has the right to know all information to make the right choice. I don’t want others to go through the same thing that I had gone through. Buying your car is definitely the worst choice I had made and I will never repeat that again. I still have that receipt from Peugeot service centre of my first overhaul with the RM 12, 069 total and RM 5 written on it as “Hari Raya Promo”. That would be a good humour to spread around.

I’m writing this to make sure Peugeot is aware of what is happening on the ground. As any consumer rights to know all information to make a wise choice, the manufacturer too should know how your products are really like, and how terrible your service is.

Thank you.


Dhiya Izyan: Omg, same thing happened to me. Same dialogue "Tak boleh at normal speed, cuz you need to activate the “turbo” You expect me to go maximum speed on brutal traffic ah? Tsk. And the effin annoying “depollution system faulty”. Asked them to fix the problem and it took them 1 month to get it done. The amount was RM9875.20. I reported to the issue to Nasim Bangsar and I didn’t have to pay a single cent. Then gearbox pula after 2 months. So I sent my car to Peugeot PJ instead of Glenmarie. One of the staff was kind enough to help (because every week my face je dekat sana) and told me I should just send the car to any normal workshop instead of Peugeot. And so I did, so so much better without the turbo.

Edros Zubir: Yeah i heard the same thing from all peugeot owners, the freaking depollution system faulty. Wehhhh i want my money back

Dhiya Izyan: Thank God I didn’t have to pay a single a cent. Because I rarely use that car, how come out of sudden gearbox problem la depollutiom system la yadayada.

Edros Zubir: Tu laaa thats not fair! Nk kena tag did kot

Dhiya Izyan: My friend experienced same case as you, but the amount was RM4k+. He reported the case to Persatuan Pengguna, settled within 3 weeks.

Edros Zubir: Yup i also think hv to complaint at kpdnkk. What do u mean by settle?

Dhiya Izyan: 50% refund from Peugeot. Better than nothing


Bro, End up what happen to your car now… cos now my car also facing same problem which is pop up the engine fault - repair needed… after diagnosis result out from service center said maybe is misfiring no. 2 but can not confirm… just now driving back to pengerang when almost reach my staff quarter… the engine power suddenly drop… do you guy d acing the same problem?


@Sam_Tai was it resolved for free/warranty? Or did you change to a new car?


I must say Peugeot has just proved to most purchasers just how incompetent they are. The car is good, just that the fellow who are supposed to be well versed in diagnosing problems of the car are half past six, plus, the customer care is just another bunch of morons. I had problem with my car Air cond April 2016, when the air vent started releasing hot air with hissing sound everytime I switched on the air cond. I brought it to Glenmarie and it was a confident diagnosis made “Compressor Faulty” and it cost me a bomb to change the compressor of car that is not even 4 years after purchase. But what to do, I changed it. The compressor is still under warranty and January 2017, same shit happens again. I lost hope in going to Peugeot service center for diagnosis and I brought it to an air cond shop outside just to find out what could be the problem. I was told it had nothing to do with my compressor and I was also told that Peugeot is good in giving wrong diagnosis just to sweep a big sum from it’s unsuspecting customers. I called and blasted the customer service this morning. I am thinking of approaching the consumer rights and of course, I am going to get the compressor changed since it is still within warranty. After this, no more servicing with them, and no more purchasing a Peugeot. Who wants to join me in lodging a group complaint to the Consumer Right coz I think writing in a complaint to them, all our complaints are just swept under the carpet, and the NAZA fellows just continues making their big sum from such incompetent management. I drive a 308VTi by the way.


Thanks guys for sharing, almost got myself into trouble.


Same here, don’t know what to write or say anymore, really feed up, frustrated & now my pegout 308 give me nightmare, what next, what kind of breakdown will happen, age not yet reach 5 year have to change 3 times compressor aircon, breakdown caused not drive too fast, not speeding, engine faulty need overhaul and have order part from over sea & other breakdown mostly major,


wow…after reading you all owners comments, i feel a chill down my spine…

was thinking of getting a used 308 (either Turbo or VTI) since most of the used car sites are selling it cheap. For 2011 or 2012 car, only little bit over RM20K. Thought it might be a good bargain. No wonder its cheap, coz it can be a nightmare for the owners.

never drives a PEU before, drove Proton, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Mazda before. Am surprise to hear these electronic problems.

My question is if one were to choose a PEU 308 (VTI or Turbo) at the used car shop, how to check these faults by just starting the car and sit inside it? Even if I take it out for a drive, what to check?


For Peugeot car owner, please be careful about the cheating of Peugeot melaka service center.
I believe you are aware of the recall parts items that Peugeot has offered to recall of replacement timing chain , solenoid (related to engine and auto transmission, water pump and cooling coil)

As these are recall items, or Nasim Peugeot car owner are entitled to replace the recall parts and you don’t have to oblige to service interval at the authorised service center Even your car is out of warranty or not to proceed with extended 2 years warranty. The recall items remained for lifetime until you had replace them and it is all free .

However the Peugeot Melaka service center has insisted customer to pay service interval charges in order to have all the recall part items replaced.

If you have not send your car to service at the service center. They will demand you to take on backdated service items and will charge you nearly RM3K.

Do not be fooled by them, as they must replace for you with only some Coolen fluid you need to pay for only RM125 for refill. Everything else has to be free.


I bought my peugeot 308 from Melaka branch and I was told to pay for backdated service charges. Please do know your customer rights for the recall items and fight for it. They are to serve us but not to con us.

I will certainly make my complaint and escalate this incident to Peugeot Head quarter for my customer rights.


Peugeot 308-(2010)

Same as F happen to me, I bought the second hand car Peugeot 308 and I loan 30k, after I used 8 month my first problem is gearbox faulty, I sent to peugeot service center and cost me rm800.

After used about 1 weeks from workshop the car cannot start engine and that is the second problem, and cost me rm1400 they said coil and pipe cause of the problem and need to change.

Actually my car was admitted in workshop 1 month due to waiting my salary from 1st july until 25th july which the day my salary pay I immediately pay by online to peugeot center account, I call them to tell that I already pay for repair, and they said we proceed.

After a week I try to call service center “hello kereta sudah siap? And then they said today is the final run test, next day can pick up, I go to service center as a promise, the foreman no 1 said lets start yr car, after I start the engine, I hear something weird sound from the engine, he call foreman no 2 to explain to me and foreman no 1 went to office, the foreman no 2 said u car already 2 days not start…bro…hahh!!! I call yesterday he said final run test why u tell me its already 2 days not start…??? We just silence without any argue I bring the car go home. (Lil bit lega)

The day after tomorrow morning which I want to go to work the car cannot start again which only 1 day the age of the car from workshop and also appear depullation system from meter display.

I call again peugeot center and they said towing u car to our workshop the foreman no 1 Said to me, and again I towing my car to the workshop, 3 days without any update from them which I need update for what happen to my car, im not waiting call from them, im just call them directly about several time but no answer, I decide to call HQ peugeot to report and and unfortunately they said “we will look into it”, Im waiting for the report from HQ but nothing happen, I call them again at day 4 until day 5 thanks god they pick up and answer, I said how is my car?..they said your fuel pump problem and cost about Rm1600.

I shock and depressed the result, Ill go to the workshop see my self, foreman no 1 start in front of me then the car was start, I said how can be? U need to knock use plastic hammer direct over the pump cover not so hard…only that way ur car will start, I decided to bring the car at home since thats is the only car I have to used even need to knock the fuel pump, also I dont have money to repair.

Today 23th august the car cant start at home I use motorcycle to go work​:sob::sob::sob::sob:. I dont know what to do with the car.

Your sincerely
Peugeot 308 user.