New techs washer

Hi all. I am surveying for new washer that has good feature techs but not too techy. prefer fully auto, big load, has quick wash, auto tub clean etc etc. name any doesn’t matter the price and top load or front load. thanks!

Perhaps a Samsung washing machine would be a good choice. They’re stocked with a huge amount of useful features. You can clean a load of laundry (up to 21 kg) within just 30 minutes, and 99.9 percent of germs will be removed. How fascinating is it :star_struck:

hmmmm i think the Panasonic brand has recently become quite popular. however, I’m not sure whether it’s any good. i was wondering if anyone has experience with this Panasonic machine. their services might be rather costly.

The answer is true, Panasonic is a highly regarded name in the industry today. However, the Panasonic brand washer I had before never worked well. The washing, for example, never gets completely clean and is continuously making strange noises.

Whoa, are you kidding me? Have you contacted the company’s customer service team about this issue? Perhaps a fuse or anything else in the machine damaged.

i would personally recommend panasonic bcs most of the time their products are well produced and quite tech savvy

i have quite few electronic products from panasonic … up to this day everything still works fine as ever … never regret choosing panasonic it serves best quality …

its always been popular aint it?? i know this brand since i was a young kid now im so much older but the brand still stands popular in the shop’s shelves… :smiley:

you should have referred to their agent as soon as possible when that happened. panasonic is a top notch brand they would not let this kind of problem happen especially when you have warranty

yea true true … if i were him i will contact them the soonest i can because im pretty sure their side know what to do …

the last time i bought a second hand product of panasonic from online apps the product still can be used till today… what im trying to say is that i think if u reach out to them they will most likely help u cuz the products are made to work for long… a well known brand must have their own team that specialize in this part :+1:

@AnisNatty AnisNatty I can’t believe your used Panasonic washer is still working. My previous Panasonic washer failed soon after purchase. As if that weren’t enough, my old washer is not 100% effective in cleaning, and it constantly makes a loud noise, so I really dislike it.

@RossyRose Okay, I’ll admit that Panasonic is a great brand, however my mom’s Panasonic washer never works. However, despite our complaints and subsequent repairs, its usefulness is limited. Eventually, we upgraded to a brand-new Samsung washer.

yeah supposedly it should not be like that… i can say that panasonic is my fam’s favourite brand we do not question its quality…and one of the best parts of the washer is that it creates less tangling to the laundry…so you wont have to untangle them too much anymore

i beg to differ thou … panasonic’s washer has all the things i wish a washer have; it got econavi that can save the usage of water, it got fast washing to reduce the time taken for each cycle and it got stain master as well which helps to remove the stains on the laundry …

old as if how many years…? not sure for their past washing machine but their latest really up to their brand’s reputation in my opinion in terms of technology-wise

@AnisNatty Perhaps during the last half decade? Wow, really? Can you tell me about the washing machine’s advanced technologies?

@ZarraZorro Wow, that’s intriguing. I mean, you say it can reduce water use, but are you confident? because my old Panasonic washer wasn’t very good at conserving water :neutral_face:

do you happen to know that their washer maximize washing performance? its because they have 3Di inverter which will help you to choose the washing pattern. you can try to check on this model front load - NA-V11FX2LMY

first of all i think what highlight yours didnt work that way because yours was the old model i guess … lots of the latest models got econavi nowadays … im confident it can bcause econavi works by detecting your laundry condition which if you put fewer laundry then it will not need to use lots of water … thats how the water consumption is taken care of according to what your laundry needs rather than just use a big amount of water when you dont need to …