Official AirAsia guide: how to grab your AirAsia free seats low fares flight promotion?

Great news: AirAsia BIG Members get 24-hour priority access on Sunday, 4 June 2017! To enjoy our promo fares, kindly ensure that you have logged in to your account. You can also get the lowest fares on our website or the mobile app too! If you can’t see any fares, please log in again.

AirAsia Promo Booking Tips

  1. Speed up your booking process by registering as an AirAsia BIG Member
  • Breeze through the payment process with BigPay. When you sign up as an AirAsia BIG Member, you can add up to 10 credit or debit card details to your account to enjoy a one-click checkout process. This means, you’re more likely able to secure our free seats and low fares faster than anyone else! Learn more about BigPay.
  • If you encounter any payment error, you can always log in to your account and click My Bookings to complete your payment without having to re-book your flight.
  • Sign up as an AirAsia BIG Member now!
  1. Use the recommended browser to book your flights!
    To ensure a smoother booking process, use either: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome

  2. Plan your trip in advance

  • Have a few back-up travel plans. If plan A doesn’t work, at least you have back-up plans and you’ll save the hassle of planning from scratch again.
  • Have the full names and date of birth of all guests ready for a faster booking process.
  • You can even pre-fill your favourite travel buddies’ details under My Friends & Family in My Profile to save more time!
  1. When all else fails, go mobile!
  • Did the ‘Waiting Room’ appear one too many times? Try going mobile. Just log on to on your mobile devices or use the AirAsia Mobile App to book with ease! Learn more about the app here.
  • Scan & download the app now:
  • Scan the QR code with your Android or iOS mobile devices and you can start planning your next holiday with us!
  1. Secure your flights first. You can add on anytime!
  • Upsize your baggage allowance – 4 hours before flight
  • Pick A Seat – 4 hours before flight
  • Pre-book hot meals – 24 hours before flight

Just head on to Manage My Booking to do all these and more!

  1. Important things to note:
  • You will only have up to 10 minutes each at the ‘Search’ and ‘Search Flights’ pages. Linger any longer and you will be redirected to the ‘Waiting Room’
  • Do NOT attempt to open multiple tabs using the same browser to search for fares as it will not allow you to proceed with booking/payment. You may end up with the wrong travel date!
  • Make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers to ensure a smooth payment process.
  • You will be directed to the ‘Waiting Room’ when your search needs a little more time. So don’t refresh your browser when you’re in there or you’ll enter a whole new ‘Waiting Room’.

AirAsia Free Seats Promotion Online Booking & Payment

During the booking process, you may encounter some errors. Here are some common errors that you may face and what you can do to solve it.

Error messages

You may encounter a few messages during the booking process. Here are some common errors messages:

  1. Invalid name
    The ‘Given Name’ fields must not contain symbols.
    You may have keyed in names which consist of symbols such as @, ‘, &, -, etc. Please use only Roman alphabets (A – Z) when filling up your first and last names.
    If you have no last name, please fill in your first name on both first and last name fields.

  2. Guest – Travel date error
    Please make sure the date of birth of the guest is keyed in correctly. Our new system will validate the information for confirmation. Seats are applicable to children and adults (>2 years old) and infant seats are applicable to infants below 2 years old.

Scenarios to note during payment:

Here comes the most important part. Please remember the scenarios below to make sure you understand your payment status. This will help you grab your low fare successfully!

  1. Reservation status: 'Confirmed’
    Booking number: 'Yes’
    This means your booking is successful.

  2. Reservation status: 'Need Payment’
    Booking number: 'Yes’
    Oops, this means your payment was NOT successful.
    Within 1 (ONE) hour, log on to Manage My Booking and click on ‘Need Payment’ button to repay.
    The booking will be on hold for 1 hour, so make sure you keep trying until your payment is successful.

  3. The ‘Time Out’ page appeared after I click on ‘Submit Payment’. It also mentions a time-out error.
    Don’t panic. Just log on to Manage My Booking immediately to check if your booking has been kept inside your account. Check scenario 1 or 2 to make sure you have completed your payment.

Tip: Be sure to save your booking number during payment for future reference.

Haven’t received your flight itinerary?
Kindly check your junk or spam box in case your itinerary was sent to those folders instead. If you did not receive your itinerary, please share your booking number with our Customer Care team and we will resend it. Alternatively, you can also resend your itinerary via Manage My Booking.

Due to the overwhelming response to our seasonal promotions, it will take us a little longer to send your itinerary via email. We thank you for your patience.