Popular Bookstore Big Sale Member Storewide 20% Discount & Extra 5% Above RM150 Spent 28 April 2017 | HARGA RUNTUH

Popular Book Store Great Deals Craze Big Sale Discount Offer Promotion

Want in early? The card's the key!

With BIG SALE, be spoilt for choices with 20% off STOREWIDE and a extra 5% off with a minimum of RM150 spent, for POPULAR members on 28 Apr (Fri). ONLY at 39 participating POPULAR bookstores, check them out in the picture above.

手持一卡,即可在4月28日的大众卡会员日率先享有20%全店回扣之余,还可以凭消费满150令吉即可得5%回扣哦!全国共有39间大众门市参与这场Big Sale

POPULAR Members' Day (Friday, 28 April 2017)

Popular Members' Day Extra 5% Discount & Free Umbrella

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