Post Taken Down Due to Request

This post has been taken down today 16 June 2017 as per request below. It was actually a repost from Transitioning (original source) where the post is currently still available.

We are the solicitors for Fan Ren Ray and Fan Rui Cheng (collectively, the “Clients”)

We seek your co-operation to remove the Posting in its entirety on an immediate basis.

Gravitas Law LLC (Rober Raj / Aaron Christian)

Dear Author or Site Owner. The report is true and should be taken down based on their request.

Dear Site owner and author,
Please Ignore my first reply. Typo error.
The report is true and shouldn’t be taken down based on the request. Many victims continue to suffer. You should continue to allow to publish the true.

What are you talking about? Can you post it here for us to understand what you meant is true?