Puchong Kok Meng Auto Services Conned Customer With 8 Year Old Hardened Tyres

Dave Kingsman Avran: Sharing this so others don’t get conned like me. Bought a set of 4 tyres from Kok Meng Auto Services of Jalan TK5/43, Taman Mawar, Puchong. After 2 months the tyres started to give way, cracking and losing air.

Checked with a different shop and found out that I was sold 8 year old hardened tyres. Totally my fault for not checking when purchasing. Needless to say I had to pay more money to change all 4 tyres. Please do be careful when buying tyres ya. The lives of your loved ones are at stake.

Mark Soh: Sorry to hear about your bad experience Dave. I get very suspicious when tyres are sold cheaper then normal. There is one shop in Klang that sells very cheap tyres maybe the cheapest in Klang Valley but I doubt them.

Chellum Raptor: Mark those r used tyres frm spore which the bunga still got abt 65-75% more. Tats why its cheap

Glenn Guan: Manufacturing dates are always visible on the tires uncle.

Anand Ramachandran: If the tyres were sold as new to you and you have the receipt, claim warranty. The shop if not mistaken is an authorized dealer for Silverstone, you can further lodge a complaint directly with Silverstone.

Deepak Gill: Lodge a complaint with consumer claims tribunal for a refund, and consumer ministry too. Tyres aren’t usable after five years

Irene Ng: If you still have the receipt… call the Distributor or Manufacturer to report this unscrupulous shop… Hopefully, they will do something about it or at least, it may land them in the blacklist.

Dave Kingsman Avran: Thanks Irene. Lodged complaints with consumer tribunal + Silverstone hq

PengLim Fong: Bro…a friend shared this when i posted your experience… https://www.goodyear.com.my/learn/reading-your-tyre There is a 4 digit code on tyre showing week and year…1st 2 digits show week and last 2 is year.