Rat Found on Bread @ Komugi Bakery Mid Valley Megamall

Melon Roux: It’s been awhile since I’ve went to this bakery store to buy their pastries… (it’s a famous bakery in klang valley area, you can recognize it by their logo but not gonna mention their name) while I was feeling so happy choosing my pastries, EuGene Tan suddenly shouted ‘holyshit’! I was surprised and asked what happened but he never answered me but keep starring at the tray of breads infront of him. When I look towards what he was looking at, i was stunned for a second! Returned all the pastries that was on my tray and told one of the staff about this. Hopefully in the future they will be more alert :rotating_light:

Komugi Malaysia:

Komugi Malaysia: Dear all,

Many thanks for your comments and feedback regarding the incident. We sincerely regret over the state of dissatisfaction it has caused each and every one of you.

We understand that this situation may have allayed your support of our products, but it was never our wish to displease you.

We hope that in due time, your trust in us will be restored, as we do our best to deliver pastries and bread that are not compromised to you. Once again, we wish to apologise over the inconvenience caused.

Yours sincerely,
Komugi Malaysia

Siang Fang: Understood mv environment quite well after working there for more than a year, it’s something your end really hard to control. I personally saw a few times got rats running across, on the floor and roof while dining at ozen zamai and yong tau foo stall at LG floor. The food court is quite dirty. The mall management should be responsible of the rat’s breeding in its mall.

Lin S. Campbell: It’s not the first time Mid Valley have rats around the mall. GSC Mid 2014 women got bitten while watching movie, 2015 customer complain there was a rat eating fresh vegetables at AEON Groceries and now 2016 Komugi oven have rat eating fresh baked breads. I would say Mid Valley should have pest control in their mall. Komugi Malaysia should take each and every outlet hygiene seriously.

Jasmine Illyaa: Remember that day when someone got bitten by a rat inside a cinema? You guess it. Yes, GSC MID VALLEY. Mid Valley is actually a mall that’s full with rats. Those who have been working in the retails will know how much rats inside this mall, jumping happily when there’s no customer around… Mid Valley Megamall should be responsible for this… I feel bad for Komugi, I really am. They’re actually one of the cleanest store ever.

Chan Wei See: If you are serious about hygiene and food safety, and put your customers’ health and safety first, you should be sure that the mall’s hygienic level is up to the standard before you open your outlet there unless you are 100% sure you can keep the animals away from your shop. It is very irresponsible of you to keep selling the breads to the consumers knowing there’s a long standing rat issue affecting your shop.

Jacinta Chong: Mid Valley Megamall should be responsible 100% for this unfortunate incident since Komugi Malaysia has addressed the matter to them real seriously. Komugi Cafe need to train their staffs to catch the Mickey Mouse as proof and send to MV HQ everyday so that they will take immediate action right away. It’s for the benefits of consumers, other retail stores and the mall itself in the long run!

Wai Loon Kidz: "Hi all,

This incident was indeed unfortunate and we understand your concern. This is a known issue at MidValley MEgamall, which we have been trying to resolve for some time.

Rest assured, we have reported this to the management of MidValley Megamall. It has been an on-going effort on our end to …"

Early stage playing blaming game without any single responsibilities, and now start realising it does not work when things went viral?

Bernard Yeo: With this Komugi incident I see they haven’t completely stamped out this vermin problem. A few years ago while I was having my lunch at the food court, I heard someone scream and I saw a huge rat run across several stalls counter top, then ran back under the original stall it appeared from. Maybe a wide scale pest control plan should be implemented.

Mid Valley Megamall: With regard to the incident in Komugi on 23 October 2016, the Mid Valley Megamall Management would like to apologise to our customers for the distressing experience.
Further to this incident, the following measures have been implemented:

  1. The bakery has been shut down for thorough cleaning and review of operational procedures. We are working with the tenant and the authorities to maintain the satisfactory hygiene standards of the store.
  2. In light of the incident, we are reviewing the efficacy of our procedures and with immediate effect will be strengthening our existing measures by:
    • Doubling the frequency of inspection and treatment on top of the existing procedures
    • Increasing the frequency of proper food handling, safety and sanitation training for all F&B staffs
    • More active consultation and dialogues with the authorities
  3. Our existing hygiene, health and safety procedures include:
    • Regular licensed pest control services by tenants in premises
    • Supplemental monthly licensed pest control services by the mall for tenants premises
    • Monthly pest control measures in common areas of the mall by external third party licenced contractors. However, some activities such as rodent control and larviciding are performed on a weekly basis.
    • Monthly Hygiene Inspections for all food outlets in the mall
    • Regular Hygiene education for food operators
    • Coordinated pest control with surrounding buildings
    • Full cooperation with the health authorities who come in for inspections on a regular basis

The wellbeing of our shoppers and visitors remain our utmost priority. We strive to maintain a safe and comfortable shopping environment for all.

Alfred Ng: Although I’m glad you have identified areas you will improve on or intensify them, your front yard will look clean but your back yard isn’t. You’ve failed to address an effective and efficient food waste management system. Take a walk on your P1 & P2 car park levels and you will be greeted with some nasty stench at those areas below the F&B restaurants are located. The drainage system are clogged with kitchen filth every time it rains. To me, this is a tell-tale signs of what to expect… rodents manifestation.

MaY Cheng: Dear management, the incident was not only happened at Komugi bakery. On the same day itself, there was rat running around in the Canton-I restaurant too!! It was running in front of our eyes. Please take the necessary action too. This is serious issue!!