Rat Video Captured @ AEON One Utama Went Viral on Social Media


Sleeping beauty versi tikus. Lokasi One Utama Aeon supermarket.

Tressa Cheong: One utama aeon supermarket…


AEON Retail Malaysia:


Adam Trowa Barton: Dear AEON Management, if you are going to issue a serious statement such as this, can you please improve your English language! So many grammatical errors. Attention to Managing Director of Aeon Malaysia Mr. Shinobu Washizawa.

Jos Ling: I wrote a complaint about your AEON Shah Alam store but never received a reply. At the fresh vegetable section, there were so many cockroaches, baby sized to medium sized cockroaches, at the area where you weigh fruits and vegetables. It’s disgusting and so unhygienic. Please look into it ASAP!




AEON Media Statement: AEON Bandar Utama reopened its section of supermarket aisles, which were cordoned off to the public last Friday. We have been working closely with the Ministry of Health to beef up the sanitation practices to meet the guidelines set by the Ministry. We are pleased to reopen and continue serving our AEON loyal and valued customer.