RM100 PETRONAS Fuel Card @ RM85.50 Using Lazada Voucher Code 10% Discount Promo

PETRONAS Fuel Card (Reloadable)

PETRONAS Fuel Card Lazada Voucher Code Discount Offer Promotion

  • Current Promotional Price: RM 95.00 (5% OFF Normal Price: RM 100.00)
  • Apply Lazada Voucher Code LINELZD10 to Enjoy 10% Discount
  • Final Checkout Price: RM 85.50
Click here to buy now online @ Lazada Malaysia
PETRONAS Fuel Card Lazada Voucher Code Discount Promo

Lazada Voucher Code: LINELZD10

  • 10% OFF (Maximum Discount RM10)
  • Limited time availability

Lazada Malaysia PETRONAS Fuel Card (Reloadable)

  • PETRONAS Fuel Card with RM100 inside. Customers can spend up to RM100 at PETRONAS stations
  • PETRONAS Fuel Card is a great way to make your experience in fueling up feel even more awesome! We want to make it easier and faster for you to fill up to allow you to have more time for other more important things in your life.
  • PETRONAS Fuel Card is also a perfect gift for your friends and family who need to be on the go. Your friends, coworkers, and clients will thank you for it. Own our fuel card today!
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Thats quite cheap. I mean RM5 off… you can pump 2 liter extra already. not bad… i hope there will be more promotions like this in the future and better offer.

With the code you can get RM10 off?? Thats alot also. how many saving is that already. While you still have to purchase things. so for me i think it is quite worth for it. dont you think so? What else can you get from petronas to have additional bonus or rebate?

hurmmmm… petronas can only collect the points at their places rite/? can collect points from other place like bnslnk and cltex did ah?? not syokk laa can collect extra points… need to wait for long time

haiiiyyaaa! lazada sometimes got scam one i never trust to but things at online shop
but thank god this is the old one but it is still available now?? if yes, better think twice!
find another petrol brand that can give u more benefits like ptrn or shll

Legit. i previous got it. please make sure you read the term and condition 1st. and its save alot. But normally ill bring my gf car to get the extra fuel. because my car full pump should be around 70 only.

You kena before? Because as i know the products at lazada is what is stated. if scam you can get refund. please read the term and condition. i did ask lazada before about this matter. so i dont see any issue there. like right now you can get extra points 3points for each liter you fuel.

yeahhhh my sister also got scam from seller at carousel i think … she buy an iphone 6 that time… but she’s got a used iphone 5!! then she report to carousel, and get immediately refund… i’ve used petronas fuel card before but after it lost, i just using petronas mesra card only hehehe now, petronas have a lots contest

nope… its only available for petronas only… but u dont have worry for keep waiting a long time because now, petronas already offer to their loyal customer that when u swipe mesra card, u will get 3x points per liter and u can reach up to 1k++ points within 2 month… depends how much liter do u fill for a month

caltex also got an interesting offer now… and have a lots of contest to win! i dont find any interesting at petronas

seriously can make a refund… argghhh i dunno about it and how about my petronas points didnt key in to the system?? can i refund it too???

I think there is alot of opportunity where you can get more voucher. and get it at a cheaper price… Somemore its from petronas… so i think its legit. so no issue there. Because i tried before already. really value for money.

Agree… imagine you have RM100 valued patrol worth only RM85.50. and you and pump and earn more value for money. i bet it will gone super fast also. since its really worth it. because price of patrol also goes up and down often.

But is this still available? I might get some to start saving a little haha

Can Mesra card be apply in this? like using this Fuel card and still getting points inside the Mesra card.

RM 100 for RM85.50 is definitely worth and lazada is very trustable online shopping website. Encourage to buy.

If you do not feel troublesome to make the shipment of the fuel card it is actually a good plan to save money for petrol.

This is very good to me. Everyday need to refill oil, can save a lot of money.

Is this still available? need this very much, very good thing

Well…the Petronas fuel card is something that similar with the debit card, nothing special.