Rude & Unethical Doctor @ Klinik Mediviron Puncak Jalil


Lim Pik Wah: Story to be share. Experience by myself today.

I have been suffering from flu and sore throat for the past 2 weeks and i start to develop body ache. I went to clinic near my mom house - Klinik Mediviron, Bandar Punjak Jalil & Dr in charge is Dr. Dato Alengdran

The nurse called my name and i went in, explained my condition from head to toe.
Dr: i suspect you have dengue. I need to take blood sample
Me: alright doc
Try to pluck in needle to my blood vessel and didnt manage after 3 attempts (yes, my blood valve is super duper hard to find)
Dr: very hard to find your blood vessel la… ermm, i dont think you have dengue. ( Just because of having a hard time finding my nerves then conclude I have no dengue ) Nvm, i can give you a flu injection
Me: as you advised doc
Dr: ok

When everythings done, my name is called to get my medications and since my company cover me in medical fees, usually i dont have to make any payment. The staff at the counter suddenly request a payment of RM150 which raised my query. Since the staff is not so sure, they demand me to ask the doc directly.

Dr: so you not gonna pay?
Me: i thought you should inform me if there is any payment required me to pay.
Dr: everybody knows vaccine / vitamin, insurance doesnt cover
Me: yes i know that clearly but why do you give me vaccine in out of sudden? And as you mentioned earlier, is a flu injection… how would i know it was a vaccine?
Dr: its okay… i know you cant afford to pay. You are poor. I know. Its okay, you can walk out without paying. I will complain to your company.
Me: its okay, i will pay dr ( no point to debate whose financial are stronger or weaker , as we are seeking for treatment )

In the end, i made the payment RM150 not because of I was scared but I want to get every evidence out from their mistakes. But what if others? Others who struggling for their life and get threaten by this kind of doctor? Where is the doctor work ethic?

Please help to share this story. Maybe im the first victim or probably few, but lets make it last.